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Whether you’re a Metaverse Veteran or someone dabbling into the field for the first time, the Meta Quest 2 is still one of the best bangs for your buck. Offering a crisp display and everything you need to get up and running in moments, you may feel slightly overwhelmed with everything on offer. Thankfully, while the list of games on the platform continues to grow, a few staples need to make their way onto every Quest owner’s playlist, and here are 10 of our favorite choices to start your new journey into the Virtual world with.

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10 Great Games To Explore Virtual Reality With Meta Quest 2

With this list, we are going to try and cater to every type of player. Those looking for hardcore action, and those looking to find a fun way to relax, these are some of the best choices that you can snag up at any time. Let’s get out of the real world and into the Virtual one as soon as possible.

10. Walkabout Mini Golf

Image; Mighty Coconut

One of the best sports to ever exist plays like a dream in Virtual Reality. Find yourself transported to a variety of different worlds and locations in Walkabout Mini Golf, and find more content than should ever be reasonably expected from a title that looks oh, so simple. The reason that this one finds its way onto the list is that the physics engine used puts you right on the course, and every shot feels exactly as it should. I found myself spending far too much time in this game and finding myself scouring every nook and cranny to find a new ball to play with in the next round.

9. ForeVR Bowl

Image: ForeVR Games

Do you find yourself missing Wii Sports just a bit too much? Did Nintendo Switch Sports not cut it for you? Get the most GOAT’ed game of them all on the go with ForeVR Bowl, and see why it landed on this list. It takes everything that made Wii Sports great and improves on it in just about every way. And, with Local Multiplayer, you can pass your headset around and get the whole crew in on the excitement. I find myself jumping into this experience a fair few times a month and always find a reason to get excited about another trip to these virtual lanes.

8. Thrill of the Fight

Image: Sealost Interactive LLC

Stepping inside the squared circle is one of the most terrifying things that a human being can subject themselves to, but in Thrill of the Fight, you may feel like the next Rocky Balboa. While its graphics may be simplistic, you’ll find that its health benefits and dedication to the sport can make this an ample choice for your next workout session. I’ve always dreamed about making my way into the ring, and with a variety of options to make it feel just like the real thing, Thrill of the Fight is one of the most classic examples of why VR can push the medium forward.

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7. Job Simulator

Image: Owlchemy Labs

With the rise of AI technology, it’s nice to have a humorous escape into the unfortunate reality of our lives. I’m being a little overdramatic, but you’ll find yourself in a similar situation in Job Simulator. You’ll find yourself in an unfamiliar world full of Robots and AI beings, and you have to do menial tasks according to what they thought they were. With an amazing sense of humor and plenty of opportunities to goof around, this could be the perfect destresser after a long day at real work.

6. What The Bat?

Image: Triband

WHAT THE BAT? is a humorous and fun romp through the land of VR, where you’ll find yourself in a variety of quirky and kooky situations. If you loved the absurdist humor of WHAT THE GOLF?, you’ll be in seventh heaven with this title, created by the same development team. While there really is no story to follow along with, there are plenty of bizarre situations that are only possible in VR. I found myself needing to take a break after a while because I couldn’t stand up from laughing so much at some of these moments. If you’re all for anything bizarre and out there, this needs to be on your headset.

5. Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Image: Steel Wool Studios

They tried to tell me that Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted was just a kid’s game, that there was no real danger. Yeah, tell that to my controllers and my eardrums after getting rushed by Foxy in VR. Seeing these characters on TV is one thing, but seeing them in VR is a completely different story. Towering over you like a Giant, you’ll need to complete a set of Mini Games that have you carefully disassembling, reassembling, and getting them back in proper working order, alongside a variety of other not horrifying tasks. If you need a reason to stay up at night, this may be the perfect game for you.

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4. Eleven Table Tennis

Image: ForFun Labs

I have a confession to make about Eleven Table Tennis. Without a doubt, this is easily my most played VR game, but there is a good reason for this, I promise. If you don’t have the space for a Table Tennis table in your house, apartment, basement, or wherever, this is the most realistic depiction of the sport that there is. It’s not even close, Eleven Table Tennis perfectly translates the feeling of playing a round of Table Tennis and has one of the most accurate physics engines for any game on the market. An absolute must-play experience, especially for those hoping to see what VR is capable of.

3. Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific

Image: Home Net Games

For those scared of heights, this may not be the one for you. For those afraid of the chirp of machine gun fire, this one also may not be for you. But, if you’re ready to strap in and take down some enemies, Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific is one of the most graphically impressive titles on the platform, and the action runs silky smooth. You’ll find that the time for sightseeing is minimal, however, as the rain of bullets and enemy planes circle your location. It can be incredibly stressful, but can also be one of the most rewarding games available to play.

2. Gorilla Tag

Image: Another Axiom

Reject humanity and return to monkey with Gorilla Tag. In an era where graphics and framerates are more important than ever before, Gorilla Tag comes swinging out of the gate looking like something that would have been released on the Nintendo 64 but also offers one of the most exciting and hilarious social games out there. While Among Us may be a bit more popular as a social game, you can’t deny the appeal of swinging around on your hands and jumping through the trees to avoid getting tagged. The best part is that it is finally available without sideloading or going through hoops to get it on Quest.

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1. Resident Evil 4

Image: Capcom

Not only is Resident Evil 4 one of the best games of the Gamecube generation, but it also happens to be one of the best games of the current generation. But, all things considered, it’s easily one of the best experiences you can have in VR, as well. Available only on the Quest family of systems, having the chance to live through this horrifying experience in the first person is something that will never be forgotten, and it is one of the best cases to showcase what the Quest can do.

There are so many unique experiences that make Meta Quest 2 worth your time and money, but these are some of the best games to get you started. With more support on the way and plenty of exciting titles on the horizon, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more amazing times in the world of Virtual Reality.

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