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Best Furfrou forms in Pokemon Go

Getting your Furfrou trimmed

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Best Furfrou forms in Pokemon Go

Furfrou is something like a french poodle dog breed in Pokemon form, so just like in real life you can have its fur trimmed in many stylish and funny ways in Pokemon Go as well. Check out the list of all forms for Furfrou – or as they are called in the game, trims – in our guide below.

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All Furfrou Forms in Pokemon Go

To begin with, it should be noted that different forms (i.e. trims for your Furfrou) do not make any stat changes that would give you an advantage in Pokemon battles. The thing is, the custom trims are only cosmetic in appearance and some of the best ones are even regionally locked! Here’s the list:

  • Dandy Trim – Available in all regions.
  • Debutante Trim – Available only in the Americas region.
  • Diamond Trim – Available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Heart Trim – You can get this trim only during the Valentine’s Day event.
  • Kabuki Trim – Available only in Japan.
  • La Reine Trim – Available only in France.
  • Matron Trim – Available in all regions.
  • Pharaoh Trim – Available only in Egypt.
  • Star Trim – Available only in the Asia-Pacific region.
Just look at them, so stylish, so sophisticated.

So which Furfrou form is the best? It’s hard to say, it’s a matter of taste and style. However, when it comes to exclusivity, there is no doubt that Japanese Kabuki and Egyptian Pharaonic trim are the most exotic – but if you want to see them in your game, well… you will have to travel a bit.

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