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All Pokemon Go September 2022 Events – Full Schedule

Don't miss out on the Raids, Spotlight Hours and other ongoing events!

by Madison Benson
Pokemon Go Events Full Schedule September 2022

September 2022 in Pokemon Go marks the beginning of the Season of Light. With a new month and season comes plenty of fun events to participate in. No matter what type of content you enjoy, there’s an event sure to spark some interest. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find the full schedule for all the September 2022 events in Pokemon Go.

All Pokemon Go September 2022 Events – Full Schedule

This month, there are numerous events to participate in, ranging from 5 Star Raids to Spotlight Hours. Below is a comprehensive list of every upcoming event during September 2022:

Research Breakthrough

Beginning today, September 1, and lasting until October 1 at 1 PM Pacific Time, a new Research Breakthrough is currently ongoing. Completing Research Breakthroughs will net you Premium Raid Passes and increased chances of catching Medicham.

5 Star Raids

There are multiple 5 Star Raids to look out for throughout this month:

  • September 1-13: Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed Forme Deoxys
  • September 13-27: Unknown! The two Pokemon for this period have not been revealed yet.
  • September 27-October 8: Yveltal

Mega Raids

Alongside the 5 Star Raids, there are also four Mega Raids to look out for:

  • September 1-6: Mega Ampharos
  • September 6-16: Unknown so far!
  • September 16-27: Also unknown so far!
  • September 27-October 8: Mega Lopunny

Live Events

From September 23 until September 25, there will be a Safari Zone event in Goyang, South Korea! You can visit the official Pokemon GO Safari Zone site for more information about participating and buying tickets.

Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Hours officially begin on September 6 and continue weekly until September 27. Below is the full list of each Spotlight Hour during this month:

  • September 6, from 6-7 PM in your local time, is the Munna Spotlight Hour. You’ll gain X2 Stardust for each Munna Pokemon you catch.
  • September 13, from 6-7 PM in your local time, is the Ralts Spotlight Hour. You’ll gain X2 XP for each Ralts Pokemon you catch.
  • September 20, from 6-7 PM in your local time, is the Aron Spotlight Hour. You’ll gain X2 Candy for each Aron Pokemon you catch.
  • September 27, from 6-7 PM in your local time, is the Minccino Spotlight Hour. You’ll gain X2 Candy for each Minccino Pokemon you transfer.

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Other Events

Alongside the events listed above, there are other miscellaneous events that you can participate in throughout the month. They’ll start at various times in your local time zone. Below is a full list of them all:

  • September 3, 11 AM-2 PM: Inkay Limited Research
  • September 6-12, 10 AM-8 PM: Psychic Spectacular
  • September 10, 6 PM-9 PM: Clefairy Commotion
  • September 11, 2 PM-5 PM: Deoxys Raid Day
  • September 16-21, 10 AM-8 PM: Test Your Mettle
  • September 18, 2 PM-5 PM September Community Day
  • September 27-October 3, 10 AM-8 PM: Fashion Week

Pokemon Go is available to play on Android and iOS devices through the official website. For more information about the game, be sure to check out How to Get Shiny Hisuian Braviary and How to Get Shiny Legendary Pokemon.

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