Best Demogorgon Perks and Build in Dead By Daylight

A build that promises to get a toxic end game chat

Dead By Daylight’s best demo dog has some of the most interesting abilities in the game. Here’s the Demogorgon’s Best Perks and Build in Dead By Daylight.

 Best Demogorgon Perks and Build in Dead by Daylight

Demogorgon is a Killer that offers fantastic generator and map control. And because of that, there are quite a perks and builds that work for him. But this build will work for most games and most situations.

Here are the important stats you’ll need to know about Demogorgon.

  • Height: Tall
  • Movement Speed: 115%
  • Terror Radius: 32 Meters

He’s very visible while running because of his height, so keep that in mind during loops. That being said, Demogorgon excels because of his abilities.

Demogorgon Abilities in Dead by Daylight

  • Shred – Press the Attack button while charging or holding Of the Abyss to dive forwards and unleash a vicious slash.
    • Shred must be charged to at least 65%, otherwise The Demogorgon will perform a normal Lunge instead. Cancelling a fully charged Shred results in a cool-down of 0.45 seconds. During this time, The Demogorgon cannot interact or attack.
  • Portals – Press the Active Ability button to place an inactive Portal on the ground in front of you. Inactive Portals are invisible to Survivors and cannot be sealed by them.
    • When standing on a placed Portal while viewing a highlighted Portal, press the Active Ability button to travel through the Upside Down, emerging from the highlighted Portal. After emerging from a Portal, The Demogorgon is cloaked by the Undetectable Status Effect for 5 seconds.
    • Portals become activated when they are first traversed to or from. Activated Portals are visible to Survivors and can be sealed by them. Survivors walking atop or sealing an activated Portal suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect.
  • Of the Abyss – Press and hold the Power button to fully charge and activate Of the Abyss. All Survivors within a close proximity to any activated Portals will be indicated by Killer Instinct.

Now that you have a sense of Demogorgon’s ability, let’s dive into the builds.

Best All Around Build for Demogorgon in Dead by Daylight

Demogorgon might have fantastic map control but, like all killers, he’s working against gen rushing. Here are the best perks that will suit most maps and most games.

  • Corrupt Intervention – Obtained from The Plague

At the start of the Trial, the 3 Generators located farthest from you are blocked by The Entity for 80/100/120 seconds.

Corrupt Intervention deactivates prematurely once the first Survivor is put into the Dying State.

  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance – Obtained from The Artist

At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks. Each time a Survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook for the first time, 1 Token is consumed and the following effects apply:

  • The Generator with the most Progression explodes and instantly regresses by 15/20/25% of its maximum possible Progression.
  • Normal Generator Regression applies afterwards. All Survivors repairing that Generator will scream, but not reveal their location.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance is disabled for the remainder of the Trial once all Tokens are consumed.

  • Pop Goes the Weasel – Obtained from The Clown

After hooking a Survivor, Pop Goes the Weasel activates for the next 35/40/45 seconds:

  • Performing the Damage Generator Action on a Generator instantly regresses it by -30% of its current Progression.
  • Normal Generator Regression applies afterwards.

Pop Goes the Weasel deactivates after damaging a Generator or when its timer elapses.

  • Bamboozle – Obtained from The Clown

After vaulting a Window, Bamboozle calls upon The Entity to block that Window for the next 8/12/16 seconds.

  • Blocked Windows cannot be vaulted by Survivors.
  • Increases your general Vaulting speed by 5/10/15 %.

Bamboozle only blocks one Window at a time and does not apply either of its effects to vaulting Pallets.

  • OR replace Bamboozle with Save the Best for Last – Obtained from The Shape

Each time you hit a Survivor other than your Obsession with a Basic Attack, Save the Best for Last gains 1 Token, up to a maximum of 8 Tokens:

  • Gain a stack-able -5% Cool-down reduction on successful Basic Attacks per Token, up to a maximum of -40%.

Each time you hit your Obsession with a Basic Attack, Save the Best for Last loses 4/3/2 Tokens.

  • When the Obsession is sacrificed or killed, Save the Best for Last freezes its current Token count.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

How the Demogorgon Build Works

This build is all about controlling an area through portals and oppressive generator perks. Corrupt Intervention is a standard go to perk to slow the game down. It prevents Survivors from instantly jumping on a generator across the map and it gives you a sense of where survivors will be going – towards you.

This also allows you to put down a few choice portals, ideally around the territory you want to defend. The ideal territory will have generators clustered close together, making it easier for you to generator guard.

The next perk, Pain Resonance, further slows generator progress. You might not see dividends on this perk in the beginning, but as you hit mid- to late-game and all the generators are in your territory, this perk proves to be very oppressive. Further, Demogorgon is one of the few killers who can take advantage of a poor Scourge Hook spawn. Just put portals near the Scourge Hook and the generators you’re defending to ensure you can quickly return to your territory if the Scourge Hooks are far away.

Pop Goes the Weasel is just icing on the generator exploding cake. Use Pop Goes the Weasel to completely erase the progress on any other generators that might have progress on them that Pain Resonance didn’t affect. This will further slow the game down, putting the odds in your favor.

The final perk comes down to your playstyle. Bamboozle can cut off loops. But Demogorgon does exceptionally well with Save the Best for Last, as you can travel around the map and encounter many different survivors during the game. The speed boost can be very helpful, especially as you try to land those lunges. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your chase style.  

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