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Best Counters for Greninja Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Build yourself a powerful team.

by Jesse Vitelli

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has introduced Greninja as a seven-star Tera Raid event for players to defeat and capture. As with all of the seven-star Tera Raid battles, you can only catch one per save data, but you’ll need to take it down first. Here are our best counter-picks for the seven-star Greninja Tera Raid battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Best Counters for Greninja Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are a few different routes you can take for the Greninja fight. Since it’s a Poison Tera Type, you’ll need Pokemon that can deal super-effective damage to Poison while being able to take hits from Greninja’s Water/Dark typing. Greninja has Ice Beam as a Special Attack move, so ground Pokemon be aware. Greninja has very little Special Defense, which means you will want to focus on Special Attacks as your primary way of dealing damage.


Slowbro will be your best pick for the Greninja Tera Raid. This is because of Greninja’s coverage options with both Ice Beam and Night Slash. Slowbro is an absolute tank, and bolstering its defense with Iron Defense will help mitigate a lot of late-game damage. Equipping your Slowbro with Chilling Water, Iron Defense, Nasty plot, and Stored Power will increase its Special Attack and make quick work of the Greninja. EV train it in both Special Attack and Defense to keep it alive as long as possible.


Klefki is an exciting choice for this raid, but it should do pretty well. Giving it Calm Mind, Iron Defense, Stored Power, and Recycle will ensure maximum use of Stored Power. The ability Prankster will provide it with a priority on moves that buff your party. EV train it in HP and Special Attack.

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Vapreon is another good backup pick due to its Water Absorb ability. Fitting this Pokemon with Aqua Ring for healing, Acid Armor for so defense, Stored Power for a Special Attack, and Calm Mind to enhance Stored Power, you’ve built yourself a pretty self-sustaining attacker on the battlefield. Greninja doesn’t have any utility to really take on a Vaporeon, so you should be safe with this build. EV train Special Attack and HP.


Gastrodon is a tricky pick because of its potential to have an excellent wide-covering moveset. Also, the ability Storm Drain negates damage done by water-type moves and instead boosts its special attack by one stage. This means it’s ultimately unaffected by the majority of the actions Greninja will have. Giving your Gastrodon Earth Power and Chilling Water will help bolster this Pokemon’s damage output. EV train in HP and Special Attack. Be aware of Ice Beam; it could crumble this entire Pokemon if not built correctly.


Clodsire is another excellent pick because of its Poison/Ground typing. Get the ability Water Absorb and stick it with Earth Power and Chilling Water. It’s basically another Gastrodon. EV train is HP and Special Attack. It will take some hits from Ice Beam, but if you’ve built your Clodsire bulky, it should be ok to last a bit in the fight. Don’t bring this one into a team with random players because you can’t always count on them to get the job done.

Those are our counter-picks for the seven-star Greninja Tera raid battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Check out our other helpful guides, such as all of the Moon Stone evolutions.

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