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Best Class for Saphir in Fire Emblem Engage

This Brodian warrior deserves way more love

by Daphne Fama

One of my favorite characters in any Fire Emblem game is the battle-hardened warrior who’s seen hell and comes out the other side jaded, wise, and with a dash of levity. Saphir embodies all of that perfectly, and she adds to the Divine Dragon’s growing army with a natural build that’s capable of taking a few blows. Here’s the best class for Saphir in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Class for Saphir in Fire Emblem Engage

This sleek, steely wolf of a woman is a recruit from Brodia that we encounter early on but don’t recruit until Chapter 19. But is she worth one of the coveted slots on the map? Let’s take a look at her stats.

Her base stats look like so:


And her growth rates look like:


As we can see, Saphir is built to take a few hits with a great HP pool. But what’s interesting about her is the split between Speed and Defense. While Saphir starts with very middling Speed, she has the potential to avoid oncoming blows, allowing her to promote into classes that prioritize strength over defense.

For that reason, Saphir makes an excellent Berserker or Paladin, depending on what your army needs.

As a Berserker, Saphir will see:

  • 110% growth in HP
  • 65% growth in strength
  • 30% growth in dexterity
  • 40% growth in speed, and
  • 35% growth in defense

This synergizes well with Saphir’s natural build, and it prioritizes damage and the ability to tank a few shots on the frontline with a decent chance of avoiding a hit here and there.

Alternatively, Paladin is also a good choice if you want more movement and a more well-rounded unit.

As a Paladin, Saphir will see:

  • 95% growth in HP,
  • 50% growth in strength,
  • 35% growth in dexterity,
  • 45% growth in speed,
  • 45% growth in defense,
  • 20% growth in resistance.

As you can see, this is a much more even spread of stats, which means that Saphir will be able to move comfortably around the map, providing support and occasionally killing an opponent without worrying too much about her survivability. This is a good option if you need an escort for your flying units or tome-users.

That being said, she’ll have more impact on the field as a Berserker.

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As for the Emblem Ring you should equip her with, no matter what class you opt for, she’ll benefit from Emblem Ring Leif, who will add coverage for her low resistance, and Emblem Ring Ike, to boost her already high strength and grant her an attack with great area of effect.

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