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Best Class for Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage

Controversial Opinion: Goldmary is a fun and interesting character

by Daphne Fama

Look, I know the vast majority of people hate Goldmary and Hortensia. She is Fire Emblem Engage’s Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss character. And yet… I can’t help but find myself utterly enchanted. She’s one of the few characters that’s clearly meant to be unlikeable and that’s why she’s so likeable. But she’s also not a terrible unit, if you play her right. Here’s the best class for Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Class for Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage

Goldmary joins your army as a Hero, and while that suits her personality, it’s not the ideal class for her. Let’s take a look at her growth rates.


Goldmary is a unit that’s well-rounded, with a natural propensity to become a tank or tank-adjacent unit. While the Hero class will boost her HP and her strength and speed, it leaves her Defense in the dust. This will turn her into a worse Swordmaster, and at that point it’s a good idea to leave her on the bench.

Instead, promote her into a Great Knight. Here are the growth rates for this class:


While these stat growths feel middling, they’ll harmonize with Goldmary’s natural growths and offer the skill Allied Defense, which will proc much more often than the Hero’s skill, Brave Assist. Allied Defense provides that, if Goldmary is between an ally and a foe, reduces damage to Goldmary by 3 during combat with that foe. Good, as Goldmary will be able to easily take a hit and as a Great Knight, she’ll more likely than not be front line and between an enemy and an ally.

Calvary units like Great Knights also benefit from the lack of enemies with anti-calvary weapons. This allows them to exert pressure without significant fear on a wide-portion of the map. And, even better, they have a wide weapon pool to choose from. If you see that you’re missing an axe, a lance, or a sword, Goldmary can fill in that gap in order to take advantage of the Break effect.

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But there is one issue. While building Goldmary into a Great Knight, it’s likely she’ll feel weak for the first few levels. Keep with her, and she’ll slowly come into her role as a tank with enough mobility to protect all flanks and misplaced units, while offering good damage on top of all that.

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