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Best Class for Mauvier in Fire Emblem Engage

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by Daphne Fama

Look, I’ll be honest with you. I love Mauvier. This sad bear of a man is the perfect unit, capable of filling out any hole in your army and possibly your heart. So, what’s the best class for Mauvier in Fire Emblem Engage?

Best Class for Mauvier in Fire Emblem Engage

Mauvier arrives in your army at a very late stage in the game. And yet, he’s absolutely worth integrating. He has excellent base stats:


Which, as you can see, is very well rounded. And his growth rate is even better:


His stats skew towards a more tanky build, with the option of doing decent magic and physical damage. Which is why you could class him into any number of things and see him do well. But his best roles are undoubtedly Royal Knight, Paladin, and Sage. It all depends on what you’re missing in your army.

What I needed was a healer who could take a hit, and so I chose to keep him on the Royal Knight. The Royal Knight fits naturally with Mauvier because, like him, it sees even stat growth rate and some offensive capabilities. Its high movement rate also allows Mauvier to move anywhere on the map, heal or provide offensive assistance to a unit that might be a riskier position, and survive.

If you just want high movement, good defense, good physical damage, then the Paladin is a decent choice, but there are better offensive units.

But if you want another magi damage unit that can take a punch to the face, then Mauvier will be the tankiest mage you can ask for. This will work well if you tend to keep him attached to Veyle, as he’ll receive a damage boost from the Sage skill, Spell Harmony.

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I’d advocate that Royal Knight is still Mauvier’s best option, and to that end you should equip him with the Emblem Ring Sigurd, Emblem Ring Eirika, or Emblem Ring Lucina.

  • Emblem Ring Sigurd – always the ideal choice for a Calvary unit.
  • Emblem Ring Eirika – Solar Brace will allow Mauiver to self-heal, Gentility will allow him to tank more damage on the front lines, Dodge and Lance Agility will allow him more opportunities to avoid attacks.
  • Emblem Ring Lucina – Benefits Mauvier if he’s calvary, as it will trigger Lucina’s Bond Shield. Dual Strike and Dual Assist will allow Mauvier to provide even more support.

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