Best Class A Ships in Starfield Listed

Class A for effort.

Starfield Star Eagle Ship
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When it comes to your choice of ship in Starfield, things can be quite daunting. Take the Class choice, for example, with each Class bringing something different to the table. Class A ships are nimble and small, though they don’t have much defense to compensate. Meanwhile, Class C ships are often large and slow but are hard to take down and can pack a real punch. For some of you, you’ll want to secure the former since it fits your playstyle. Here are the best Class A ships in Starfield.

Every Good Class A Ship in Starfield

I’m going to keep this list condensed to four different Class A ships since having a lot here would defeat the purpose of helping you make a good choice. I’ll also be keeping things split evenly, so two of these ships will be paid, while two can be earned for free. With that out of the way, let’s get into it.


Starfield Mantis Ship
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The Razorleaf is not only one of the earliest ships you can earn in Starfield, but it’s also one of the best. It sports some strong weapons, healthy shields, and fast engines given when you get the ship in the game. It also has the secret perk of causing Spacer ships to flee shortly after engaging you, adding to the feeling of being a badass.

To get the Razorleaf, kill regular Spacer enemies until you find the Secret Outpost slate on one of their bodies. Read it, then follow the instructions of the Mantis mission. At the end of it, you’ll receive the Razorleaf ship, free to use as you please.

Star Eagle

Starfield Star Eagle Ship Builder
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Given its size and shape, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Star Eagle isn’t Class A. However, it shocking is and comes with a few unique perks. Besides a beefy shield and hull, it also sports a massive 2280 Cargo Capacity and an EM class weapon, which can disable enemy ship systems. It’s an incredible Class A ship, and you might have a hard time building a better one.

To snag yourself a Star Eagle, you’ll need to complete the Freestar Collective mission line. This includes starting the Deputized mission and going all the way until The Hammer Falls. At the end, Marshal Blake will gift you the ship for use.

Sparrow III

Starfield Sparrow III Ship
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Moving over to the paid options of this list, the Sparrow III is an all-around solid Class A ship. With a fairly strong hull, healthy reactor, and distant jump range, going from place to place shouldn’t be a problem. It also sports Particle Beam weapons and a Missile Launcher, making it a solid battle and storage ship. You could spend your money worse.

To get the Sparrow III ship in Starfield, head to Neon and make your way to the Ryujin Industries tower. From there, take the elevator up to Taiyo Astroneering and speak with Veronica Young in the Show Room.

Longsword II

Starfield Longsword II Ship
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The Longsword II is a fairly capable ship that sports most things you need. It offers a decent shield and hull, a decent crew count, three separate weapons, and a good reactor. It does fall short in the Cargo Capacity and is mediocre in its jump range, but it makes up for that by being a firm all-rounder.

The Longsword II can be purchased from Nikau Henderson at the Deimos Staryard. It can be found orbiting the moon of Deimos, which itself is orbiting Mars in the Sol system. Once inside, head downstairs to find Nikau standing there waiting for you.

If you’re looking for more help with ships, check out our guide on how to build a ship from scratch in Starfield.

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