Best Builds for Each Class for Diablo 4 Season 2

The season of busted AOE

Season of Blood Diablo 4 Class Builds
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Every new season of Diablo 4 brings some fresh builds to the top of the pecking order, and in Season 2, many involve some heavy AOE. To help you choose which class to run in the Season of Blood, I’ll cover which build is the best for each category.

What is the Best Build for Each Class in Diablo 4 Season 2?

Builds like the Ball Lightning Sorcerer and the Blood Mist Necromancer are currently at the top of the tier list because of how powerful they are with nearly no effort. Some other builds, like Pulverize Druid and Twisting Blades Rogue, have also kept their place. You can find the best class options and their descriptions below.

1) Blood Mist Necromancer

Screenshot by Prima Games.

This is currently one of the best builds in Diablo 4 Season 2. The goal with the Blood Mist build is to have constant corpse explosions and ground-based AOE while also flying around with Blood Mist. With the right gear synergy, you can use Blood Mist in almost all instances, which makes you invulnerable and causes more corpse explosions.

On top of the massive defensive bonuses, the passive damage by Jusat moving around is incredible. However, I tried the build and was bored out of my mind without any core skills. Blood Mist is an entirely set-up and cooldown-based build for the Necro. I personally stuck with Blood Lance, which also got a massive boost this season due to Vampiric Powers.

Check out the full Blood Mist Necromancer build at Maxroll.

2) Twisting Blades Rogue

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The Twisting Blades Roge hasn’t gone out of style since it was put together in Season 0 of Diablo 4. Even with changes to Vulnerable and Critical Strikes, the build remains one of the highest damage options in the game. It also helps that it’s just incredibly fun to play.

Your goal with this build is to constantly build up your combo points and then stab with Twisting Blades. Mixing in a dash with the Blade Dancer aspect causes your attacks to hit twice on nearly all enemies in the area. It’s a recipe for destruction at full speed. Just watch out for low defense across the board.

3) Ball Lightning Sorcerer

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Any Sorcerer that wants to destroy the new bosses in Season 2 will want to try this out. The Ball Lightning build utilizes the Gravitational Aspect to ensure that Ball Lightning constantly surrounds your character. Then, the Prodigy’s Aspect replaces a basic attack with another skill. The mana regen makes up for it.

With this Sorcerer build, you can sustainably tear through nearly any enemies in Diablo 4. Whether it’s AOE or a single target, the orbs will tear through. Suppressor mechanics and range will be the only downsides here.

For more details on the build, check out the Ball Lightning Sorcerer on Icy Veins.

4) Pulverize Druid

Screenshot by Prima Games.

Like the Rogue, the Pulverize Druid has had the same top-tier builds for a couple of seasons now. After Season 1, the Shockwave Aspect turned Pulverize into an absolute powerhouse of a core skill due to the extra range that shoots forward. Overall, the build is meant to absorb tons of damage while also hitting hard with Overpower.

The only major downside is the reliance on Unique items like so many other Druid builds. In this case, Vasily’s Prayer allows you to stay in Werebear and enhance nearly every aspect of the class. Now you just need to find it.

Check out the full Pulverize Druid build on Maxroll.

5) Double Swing Barbarian

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In Season 2, Barbarian is still one of the weakest options overall. However, the Double Swing build is the saving grace of the class that keeps it in the A Tier section for the Season of Blood. With a full build, you’ll be able to crowd control with no mercy and then you can follow up with the Double Swing that dishes out tons of damage.

Aside from the AOE neglect on the build, the largest issue is resources. Not only can Fury be an issue, but so are the cooldowns. Having to deal with so many roadblocks in attacks can keep the build from reaching full potential.

The full build for Double Swing Barbarian can be found at Icy Veins. And to enhance your builds as a whole, check out the eight best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4 Season 2.

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