8 Best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 Season 2 Barbarian
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The new power mechanic in Season 2 of Diablo 4 sees players turning into vampires and taking advantage of brand-new powers and buffs unlocked via collecting blood. Here are the eight best vampiric powers in Diablo 4.

The Best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4 Season 2

There are 22 Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4 Season 2, and you can only select five at a time to add to your circle. Even then, you can’t activate them all unless you have the correct amount of Pacts on your armor. It’s a gambling act but one worth pursuing to bolster your power.

Here are the eight best we recommend choosing for any build to help you narrow down your new Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4.


Diablo 4 Infection Vampiric Power
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As a fan of dealing damage over time with my builds, Infection was the first Vampiric Power I opted for in Season 2. It deals Pox upon every hit, dealing up to almost 100 Poison damage when their infection bursts. With my Barbarian build, I hit fast and strong. As such, dealing Pox is a simple and effective way to quickly take down an entire mob while switching focus to new enemies.


Diablo 4 Undying Vampiric Power
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With the new mob density in Season 2, you’ll find yourself hard-pressed to keep alive when surrounded by vampires, bandits, and lycans simultaneously. But Undying directly benefits any class that casts, like Sorcerer, to heal you for a small amount with every cast. Plus, you’ll receive additional healing if you’re too low (below 50%). It’s a fantastic way to keep in the fight, especially as you’ll be casting anyway.


Diablo 4 Domination Vampiric Power
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Many of the classes in Diablo 4 stunlock enemies using Frozen, Feared, Immobilized, and Stunned status effects. With Domination, once the enemy is locked in place, you’ll deal additional damage, quickly taking down your foes. But even better is, when your foe is Injured, they’re outright killed in a flurry of blood.

Jagged Spikes

Diablo 4 Jagged Spikes Vampiric Power
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Thorns is such an overlooked and underappreciated buff in Diablo 4. It deals passive damage without your interference, helping you easily tackle low-level mobs. With Jagged Spikes active, you’ll deal additional damage and Chill enemies with your Thorns. As such, you can slow enemies, occasionally Freeze them, and smite faster. It’s an all-around win.

Bathe in Blood

Diablo 4 Bathe in Blood Vampiric Power
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A few classes in the game, namely Sorcerer and Necromancer, use channeling skills. Bathe in Blood will form a pool of damaging blood beneath you to better benefit such abilities. While standing in this pool of blood, the Channeled Skill deals additional damage and simultaneously provides a 30% Damage Reduction. It’s limited to one pool every 8 seconds, which isn’t bad.

Accursed Touch

Diablo 4 Accursed Touch Vampiric Power
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Right off the bat, know that Accursed Touch is okay. It’s only potentially powerful, with a minor chance to inflict Vampiric Curses. Once infected, there’s a slight chance they spread it to other foes. As you use the Vampiric Ability and slay mobs, there’s another chance the stored souls deal 100% increased damage. As you can see, this one is all about minor possibilities to provide you with buffs. Except…

Flowing Veins

Diablo 4 Flowing Veins Vampiric Power
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Accursed Touch isn’t a solo Vampiric Skill. It’s best to pair it with Flowing Veins, which deals additional damage (30%) to enemies with Vampiric Curse. When you kill an afflicted enemy, their soul becomes yours, stored up for later use to deal damage to nearby enemies. The two synergize and create a powerful bond.


Diablo 4 Hemomancy Vampiric Power
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If you don’t mind risking your life for additional damage, then Hemomancy is one of the best Vampiric Skills in Diablo 4. It takes 40% of your life and converts it to direct damage to all nearby enemies, but only once every 4 seconds. After that, you heal 1% of your health for every enemy you damage in the blast. It’s a gamble that can pay off big by wiping an entire mob with one shot.

How to Unlock Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4

At the start of this season, you’re just an everyday hero come to quell the forces of hell once more. But a new terror is lurking beneath the surface. You will quickly find yourself thrust into a world of blood and hunger, with vampires everywhere. Your first quest for Season 2 of Diablo 4 sees you bitten by a vampire but unable to turn fully, providing you ample opportunity to explore new vampiric powers.

To unlock these new powers, you must participate in world events, slay vampires, and acquire Potent Blood. Every vampiric power costs 25 Potent Blood to unlock and level, so the more you grind, the stronger you get.

To better enhance your class this season, we recommend scoring a few Twitch Drops.

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