Best Builds for Dubu in Omega Strikers

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Dubu Omega Strikers

Dubu is one of the most underappreciated characters in Omega Strikers. While his slow movement and somewhat big hitbox are some of his most significant drawbacks, the right build can actually turn the tide of the Core strike match in his favor. That said, there is still a degree of skill and foresight needed to play him as using his mobility tool can be quite tricky for the majority of situations

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to build Dubu, from his starting gear as a Forward and Goalie to his best Awakening sets to increase his mobility and utility.

What Are the Best Builds for Dubu in Omega Strikers?

When talking about Dubu and his builds in Omega Strikers, one must first figure out what the character is about. Dubu’s main disadvantage is his huge frame which translates into a big hitbox. He’s going to be taking a lot of punishment as a forward because of this. As such, he needs to have a lot of defensive buffs or size increases.

Additionally, players should take his low mobility into consideration as well. Dubu isn’t a fast character by any means but his Secondary ability allows him to traverse the field quite quickly. As such, it’s also better to build around this skill which is classified as a Dash ability.

Forward and Goalie Gear

Dubu is a toughie but he also could use some healing while out in the field considering how much abuse is going to be hurled toward him. As such, it’s better to take Vicious Vambrace since it allows you to recover 40% of the HP damage you inflict. This effect is better than Siphoning Wand as it will give a more immediate health restoration over the HP drain effect that this gear offers. A good alternative for a quicker Dubu would be Slick Kicks/Magnetized Soles.


Stay away from ledges too! Even if you have all the Stagger (HP) buffs in the world, it won’t mean much if you stand near the ledge and get slightly pushed by a stray projectile. If you get hit by one of these, you will be KO’d and will be out of the game for a short while. As such, mind your positioning!

As for his Goalie Gear. Dubu has more options thanks to his coverage of the field. Since his playstyle is defensive by nature, he can benefit from the majority of the Goalie gear and even use it offensively at times. Strike Shot is the best Goalie gear in this regard as it gives him a projectile to use besides his Primary and a long-ranged option that doesn’t take long to recharge, only adding to his defensive capabilities.


Here’s the list of Awakenings that Dubu can use to turn the tide of each match of Core Strike in his favor. As stated before, the majority of the Awakenings that are going to be used will focus on his Secondary ability and his Stagger to make him as resilient as possible.

High PrioritySuper Surge, Chronoboost, Twin Drive, Aerials, Built Different, Rapid Fire, Monumentalist, Heavy Impact
OptionalStagger Swagger, Peak Performance, Stacks on Stacks, Egoist, Fire Up, Missile Propulsion, Big Fish
Low PrioritySpecialized Training, Prime Time, Deadeye, SPARK (Resilience, Focus, Agility, Power)

A lot of the Awakenings in the High Priority focus on his Secondary since it’s Dubu’s quickest and most effective mobility option. Additionally, Super Surge and Aerials provide other buffs such as longer-lasting debuffs or higher range for his Projectile found in his Special. Meanwhile, the rest of the Awakenings found in the Optional section focus on his Primary ability, Stagger buffs, and buffs to his Special through Creation buffs.

That’s all for Dubu’s gear. Remember that the primary source for the victory will always be your teammates. So always be sure to be the best teammate you can be for your teammates and keep playing to improve your game and win more.

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