Best Builds for Rune in Omega Strikers

Best builds for the Obscura Harbinger.

Rune, the Obscura Harbinger and one of the noteworthy members of Team Maelstrom in Omega Strikers, is a tricky caster that can be played both offensively and defensively. His kit consists of barriers, a teleport, and a special move that banishes the opponents temporarily while also dealing some damage.

Some players might be drawn to Rune thanks to his backstory as his drive to retrieve his friend from Obscura drives his quest to become a champion. Other players might just enjoy the visual appeal of his design and his alternate outfits. Whatever the reason, this guide will help you learn the ins and outs of Rune’s kit and also what his best build is in Omega Strikers.

What’s the Best Build for Rune in Omega Strikers?

Ever since our Juno builds guide, Omega Strikers has changed a lot. Now, the game revolves around an Awakening system which is distributed among characters during breaks. Your position on the Awakening distribution will change according to your performance during the Set. As such, it’s important for you to perform at your best from the start. So, let’s go over what Gear you should wear.

Starting Gear for Forward and Goalie

Rune’s mobility as a Goalie is majorly covered by his teleport from his Secondary. In other words, you will not find yourself needing Eject Button. Additionally, since he won’t find himself facing off against enemies he also won’t need to use Powerhouse Pauldrons either. As such, his best Goalie gear is Momentum Boots as it helps with his Speed and compliments mobility with its passive. A less orthodox but equally effective Gear to wear is Strike Shot as it gives Rune a projectile that can be useful for keeping the Core in control.

Forward Gear is a lot more straightforward for Rune. Pummelers are a great offensive option that allows Rune to deal more damage through his barriers. If the player feels like going for a more offensive approach when it comes to the core itself, it’s better to use Slick Kicks as its increased mobility buff will help Rune players get across the field much faster compared to Magnetized Soles. It’s also worth noting that Magnetized Soles’ effect won’t trigger if Rune teleports across midfield.

Best Awakenings for Rune

Rune players might be confused as to what they need to build the best version of themselves. With a more efficient version in mind, we will provide some of the best priority picks for Rune.

PrioritySpecialized Training, Cast to Last, Monumentalist, One-Two Punch, Chronoboost
OptionalTimeless Creator, Heavy Impact, Big Fish, Deadeye, Extra Special, Missile Propulsion, Twin Drive
Low PrioritySuper Surge, Prime Time, SPARK (Resilience, Focus, Strength, Agility), Perfect Form, Stagger Buffs, Quick Strike, Hotshot

The majority of the Awakenings for Rune in Omega Strikers that can be found in the current rotation allow for Rune’s debuff from his Special move to either last longer or to output more damage. Chronoboost and Specialized Training both empower the debuff from Rune’s Special while Timeless Creator and Monumentalist offer bigger sizes for all of his barriers since they are categorized as creations.

Other Awakenings such as Missile Propulsion and Extra Special do offer some neat benefits for Rune players. However, they won’t benefit him as much as the ones found in the higher tiers can. For example, Super Surge will increase the damage output from the Barrier that’s left after his teleport, but it will not buff the damage or longevity of the debuff done by his special.

Regardless of how you build Rune, it’s also important to make sure to play to his strengths while also using your teammates to cover for his weaknesses. Since he’s a reactive character, he will require a lot of hard reads on opponents to gain an advantage. As such, it’s important to gravitate toward a slightly passive yet supportive playstyle that can be switched to offensive or defensive on a whim.

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