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Best Beast Huntress Build Halls of Torment
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Beast Huntress is one of the most exciting characters in Halls of Torment. She is both a ranged and a melee character, given that she throws spears and has a Hound pet that bites anything it finds nearby. If you aim to find an excellent build for Beast Huntress that will help you reach Agony III in Halls of Torment, I’ve got just the special treat for you.

How to Unlock Beast Huntress in Halls of Torment

You can unlock Beast Huntress by defeating Basilisk in Halls of Torment in the Frozen Depths (third stage). Basilisk is a tough challenge, and it will probably take a while to prevail in the fight against it, even if you are fully prepared. Patience is a virtue! Here’s what my build looks like:

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Best Traits for Beast Huntress

Beast Huntress has a ranged attack similar to the Archer, which leads you to believe that you should skip the “Area” Trait. However, this is not the case. Your best boy (the Hound) has a mighty bite that deals massive damage, especially when it crits. You will find that the Hound’s damage will often reach between 50% and 80% of the damage you deal with your primary weapon.

With this in mind, the best Traits for Beast Huntress are:

  • Ability Traits (because Abilities outweigh your weapon(s) when it comes to damage output in the late game),
  • Main Weapon Traits such as Attack Speed, Damage, Crit,
  • Hound-friendly Traits such as Summon Traits (trust me, investing a few points there won’t do you harm),
  • Regeneration for long-term sustainability.

Best Items for Beast Huntress in Halls of Torment

I’ve tried a lot of different builds, but I’ve settled on the one I will be showcasing below. I will provide alternate items where possible.

  • Mark – Mark of the North.
  • Head – Wind Crown – No alternates; this is a BiS (Best in Slot) item. However, pick up a Head item during the run like I did, since Wind Crown doesn’t work during the boss fight.
  • Neck – Collar of Confidence (alternates would be Jade Amulet or Scars of Toil perhaps).
  • Ring – Copper Ring and Echoing Band (alternates would be Wooden Ring, Seal of Rebirth).
  • Chest – Blood-Soaked Shirt (alternate would be Hunter’s Garb, but you don’t want a standstill build, in my opinion).
  • Feet – Berserker Boots (alternate would be Runner Shoes).
  • Hands – Quickhand Gloves (alternates would be Thornfists or Hunting Gloves).

Best Abilities for Beast Huntress in Halls of Torment

Based on my experience, these six abilities will always be my top choices when I get the possibility to pick them:

  • Transfixion
  • Phantom Needles
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Ring Blades
  • Radiant Aura
  • Astronomer’s Orbs

Three of these are physical and will scale well with Beast Huntress, and the magical ones perfectly fill in the gaps. Here’s me achieving Agony III on the Forgotten Viaduct.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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