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Best Ancient City Seeds for Minecraft

The best Ancient City seeds in Minecraft

by Jesse Vitelli

Ancient cities were introduced in the 1.19 update for Minecraft. Filled with items and materials to explore, you might be looking for some of the best seeds to make full use of these newly added ancient cities. Here are the best ancient city seeds for Minecraft.

What Are Ancient Cities in Minecraft?

Ancient cities can be found at layer -52 and contain special chests and items you can’t get anywhere else. Basements contain red stone circuits, and the long stretching corridors are decorated to the nines. You’ll want to explore a bunch of these to really see what they’re made of, quite literally. They are part of the Deep Dark Biome, which has no naturally occurring light whatsoever.

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Dripstone City

Seed: 2817169686383787731

Coordinates: 488, -40, -600

This will give you a nice underground ancient city with colliding biomes. It’s a neat place to check out.

Lush Ancient City

Seed: -3298323777095414646

Coordinates: 50, 49, 100

This lush city is found underneath the coral reef filled with hanging ivy, a lot of magma, and a ton of glowing bricks. It’s a beautiful spot and filled with lush vegetation.

Village Ancient City

Seed: 3988218945028357710

Coordinates: 0, 112, 0

This village ancient city is underneath a village and showcases a stronghold, plenty of enemies, and glowing bricks. You’ll find plenty to explore and uncover down here.

The Player Spawn Ancient City

Seed: -4212966053895285705

This seed spawns the ancient city directly underneath the player. You really can’t ask for an easier way to find an ancient city. So be sure to gather some tools and get ready because there’s no need to waste time with this seed, get right to work.

Those are some of the best Ancient City Minecraft seeds we’ve found so far. There is still plenty to explore and uncover as people make and discover more great seeds for Minecraft’s Ancient Cities.

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