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Beast Ball Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get This

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been spending any amount of time in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you might have already noticed that there’s a whole ton of special Pokeballs that you can acquire – we even made a list. However, it’s not just as easy as rocking up to a PokeCentre sometimes. Check out our guide on how to get the Beast Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Beast Ball Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get This

First, you might have some questions about what the Beast Ball is. You’ll get one for the first time in essentially what’s the post-game experience of Sword and Shield. There’s a vendor in Stow-on-Side who will give you this Beast Ball, and the effect of this is that it actually has a “low success rate for catching a Pokemon”. You can also acquire a Beast Ball from everyone’s favorite mascot – the Ball Guy – though this happens at indeterminate points and is up to luck, since you can get pretty much anything from him once you’ve cleared the Champion’s hurdle. 

If you’re not quite sure why you want this ball, then, honestly, you’re not alone. We’re not quite sure why anyone would make the end-game acquisition of Pokemon a more difficult thing considering Max Raids and the like but, hey. We don’t kinkshame here. Use a Beast Ball if you want; that’s your prerogative. If you’re just wanting to use the same old ball on a Pokemon over and over, chuck a Yamper into your team and make sure that it’s going toe to toe with whatever you seem incredibly intent on not catching so that your trophy from Stow-on-Side stays with you for as long as possible.

Now that you know what a Beast Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield does, and how to get your hands on them, you too can venture out into the wild and making the innocent act of catching a Pokemon more difficult than it needs to be. Need a hand with anything else in Galar? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together:

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