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Battlefield Hardline Mechanic Class Guide and Reputation Perks

by Prima Games Staff

In our never-ending quest to see the quality of our teammates rise in Battlefield Hardline, we set out on a journey to help gamers understand each of the four classes. We’re not trying to tell you which one is the best (we vote Mechanic), but rather help you make the right decision based on the mechanics, maps and game modes of Battlefield Hardline.

While our focus today is firmly on the Mechanic and all of its nifty SMGs, we did not forget about the rest. Whether you enjoy the Operator class and the M16A3, the Enforcer and the always popular Breaching Charge or the Professional and the .300 Knockout, we have you covered on all angles.

Mechanic Class Strengths

Because they have a monopoly on the SMG weapons in Hardline, the Mechanic is the go-to class for close-quarters-combat. The includes maps like Bank Job, The Block, Growhouse and Hollywood Heights. In fact, the default weapon for this class is the MP5K, and a very deadly setup for that gun is the Kobra RDS, Extended Magazine and Suppressor. To give players a little bit of an edge on their foes, the Armored Insert is a fantastic gadget. This combination means you shoot faster than your enemy, and you can take more damage than they can.

The beauty of the Mechanic class is that it’s solid on any map, although when shifting to Derailed, Downtown, Dustbowl, Everglades and Riptide, the focus should be more on vehicle repair and destruction, with less emphasis on infantry combat. For this reason, the Hotwire game mode is where it will shine, not only helping to keep the objectives in your possession, but also using gadgets like the M79 or M320 HE to rip them from the opposing team’s grasp.

Mechanic Class Weaknesses

The glaring weakness with the Mechanic class is that it’s virtually ineffective at medium to long range, which isn’t so bad on the smaller maps of Battlefield Hardline. It also can’t be used to heal teammates or bring them back to life, so the Mechanic is left to run-and-gun only in game modes that don’t feature a lot of vehicle combat. Our suggestion to make up for this is to bring gadgets that can still be a bonus to your team, such as the Grappling Hook and Zipline. When playing Heist, Blood Money or even Crosshair, try to use these devices to provide alternate routes to and from objectives.

Mechanic Class Reputation Perks

The Reputation Perks for the Mechanic class are built around explosions for the most part. This once again makes it ideal for Hotwire, as gamers can use the Level 1 Flak Jacket to take more explosive damage, and the Level 2 Extra 40mm Grenades to dish out some punishment in return. After that, things tail off just a little bit, as the average gamer will find unlocking the Level 3 and Level 3 Reputation Perks a rare occurrence. Even on the Hotwire game mode when cruising with your squad, it will take a truly great run to see these unlocked.

Level 1

  • Extra Grenade
  • Flak Jacket

Level 2

  • Extra 40mm Grenades
  • Fast repair

Level 3

  • Fast Aim
  • Delayed Trigger

Level 4

  • Fast Reload
  • Fast Swap

Suggested Class Setup

To give you an idea of how we like to run as a Mechanic, here is one of our favorite configurations. We will mention, however, that it’s not what we’d go with if we were playing Hotwire. This is more for the run-and-gun player who enjoys game modes like Heist, Blood Money or even Crosshair.

  • Primary: MP5K
    • Kobra RDS
    • Extended Magazine
    • Suppressor
    • Secondary: T62 CEW
    • Gadget 1: Armored Insert
    • Gadget 2: Sabotage
    • Grenade: M67 Frag
    • Melee: Police Baton/Baseball Bat

Again, there are many, many ways to run as a Mechanic, but we enjoy this one for a couple of reasons. First of all, the MP5K is our personal gun of choice in Battlefield Hardline, so that’s a big selling factor. To compliment that gun we have the Armored Insert, which means we’re firing faster than our foes, and as mentioned earlier, we can take more hits to the torso. The Sabotage is for setting traps on doors, vehicles and even Battle Pickups. Seriously, try it.

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