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Battlefield Hardline Hotwire Game Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The Hotwire game mode in Battlefield Hardline is definitely one of the biggest selling points of Visceral Games’ first-person shooter. It is fast, objective-based and rewards players with the highest point earnings in the game. In short, there’s really no reason not to sink a considerable amount of time into it, especially if you’re looking to unlock the Wolf Mask and Dinosaur Mask by collecting $10 million.

We’re going to hit all of the game modes in Battlefield Hardline over the next few days, starting with Hotwire, then moving through modes such as the all-new Heist, the amazing Blood Money and of course, the intense Rescue and wickedly fun Crosshair. We’ll even spend some time with old favorites, like the Conquest mode players have come to love, and the kill grinding Team Deathmatch.

How to Play Hotwire in Battlefield Hardline

Hotwire is a re-invention of Conquest, only instead of capturing and controlling stationary flags, you take control of one of the marked vehicles, then drive them non-stop to hold the objective and bleed the opposing team’s tickets dry. If there are five vehicles on the map (marked as one of the objectives) and your team controls three, you’ll win the game if you can maintain that ratio. When one of the two teams runs out of tickets, the game will end.

Hotwire Strategies in Battlefield Hardline

There are a few things to keep in mind when playing Hotwire, starting with the fact that there isn’t much reason to bring another class besides the Mechanic. Players who love to toss breaching charges and teabag will argue, but they’re wrong. They may destroy enemy objectives, but that can also be done from one of the marked vehicles while also holding down an objective of your own. The reason the Mechanic class works is because gamers get the Repair Tool, as well as either the M79 or M320 HE, two handy gadgets for making sure your cars stay on the road while the enemy objectives perish.

Hotwire Driving Tips for Battlefield Hardline

It’s one thing to get into a marked vehicle and drive it, but it’s another thing to try and avoid the previously mentioned Breaching Charge trolls, or other objective vehicles. To do this, think outside of the box. For example, on the Downtown map there is a parking garage that players can drive to the top of, and once there, they can drive in laps and hold an objective. Is this cheap? Sure, but so is setting up Breaching Charge traps, and it keeps you away from such nonsense while fitting into the definition of PTFO. If it’s another map, continue to look for low traffic areas, or at the very least avoid driving on the main roads or busy intersections.

Earn More Cash Playing Hotwire in Battlefield Hardline

Cash is King, right? In Hotwire this is especially true, as it’s the most rewarding game mode in all of Battlefield Hardline. To maximize this, play during double XP events, and make sure to apply a boost that bumps up your objective-based score. You’ll be a millionaire in no time.

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