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Battlefield Hardline Heist Game Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

As we already mentioned previously, the game modes in Battlefield Hardline are pretty fantastic, and Heist is a contender for the best of them all. That’s a rare thing in video games – developers introducing fun new modes that stick. Most of the time they are played for a few weeks, then tossed aside for the fan favorites.

With Battlefield Hardline, it’s not just Heist that gamers have to sink their teeth in to, it’s also modes like the fast-paced Hotwire (which we already discussed), the overly fun Blood Money, as well as the squad-based Rescue and the ridiculously entertaining Crosshair. While we’re confident that each one of them is a major success, Visceral Games also brought back the classic favorite, Conquest, and the kill grinding goodness of Team Deathmatch.

How to Play Heist in Battlefield Hardline

Heist will see the Cops and Criminals taking on different roles with completely separate objectives. One team (typically the Criminals) must break into a vault, stealing some type of package and then reaching the extraction zone. The other team (typically the cops) will start off by defending the vault, then trying to recover the package, and lastly keeping the Criminals from extracting it. The game will end when either the Criminals extract the goods, or the Cops manage bleed the Criminals dry of tickets by killing them.

Heist Strategies in Battlefield Hardline

For us, the Mechanic class dominates in Hotwire, but Heist is a more complex mode that has areas where all of the classes can shine. Part of that has to do with the fact the Grappling Hook and Zipline are not class specific gadgets, and they are two amazing options for reaching an objective when you’re trying to steal some loot.

Beyond that, our advice is to use vehicles as much as possible to get from point to point. It’s not always possible (there are no vehicles on Bank job), but this will significantly reduce the risk you take as the player who carries the package.

The fight to break into the vault and steal the loot will be intense, and players should expect to endure many deaths if this is their focus. It goes without saying that the Operator class is key here, as the weapons are top notch and the gadgets can keep your squad in the fight at all times.

Extracting the Loot Playing Heist in Battlefield Hardline

You’ve broken into the vault, picked up the loot, murdered all your foes, need to escape and live the high-life (until the next round). Well, we can help you with that, and we’re going to break down two scenarios that (might) work well under the right circumstances. If these don’t pan out for you… we don’t know… try running really, really fast perhaps?

First of all, let’s say you’re playing on Bank Job, a map with no vehicles. In this case, the Zipline is key, as it will allow you to get the money from the bank, make your way to the rooftop (through the hole you created to access the vault), then Zipline to any of the extraction points. If you don’t use the Zipline, your option is to run fast, but we’re betting this ends in multiple deaths before it (maybe) works out.

In the other scenario, let’s say you’re playing on Dust Bowl. It’s not as chaotic as Bank Job, but it will be a tough run (not to mention much further) to make it to the extraction point. In this case, split your squad of five into a three-person ground team and a two-person extraction team. The ground team will secure the package, and the extraction-team will move in to pick them up and quickly take them to the drop point. In the case of Dust Bowl, this can be a vehicle or even a helicopter if there’s one sitting around. Either way, running is bad.

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