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Battlefield 5 – All Letters in Nordlys

by Josh Hawkins

There are several collectibles and challenges for players to complete in Battlefield 5’s War Stories and knowing the exact location of each collectible, such as the Letters in Nordlys, will make your life easier in the long run. Today we’ll show you how to find all of the Letters in Nordlys, the second War Story in Battlefield 5’s campaign.

All Letters in Still and Silent

Like the previous War Story, Nordlys is broken down into several parts, with several different Letters hidden in each part of the story. The first portion of Nordlys has four Letters for players to locate. We’ve outlined their locations below.

Letter #1 – Plan the Future

The first Letter in this chapter can be found after you complete the skiing portion of the mission. Before you cross over the long bridge, look for this Letter on top of a frozen corpse, half buried in the snow.

Letter #2 – Write Again Soon

After crossing the long bridge you’ll need to cross a second bridge. Before you cross over it, though, turn to the left and run up the snowy hillside. Follow the footprints up the hill until you reach a series of buildings and log piles. Head into the building to the right here and look for the letter inside.

Letter #3 – A War Worth Fighting

Continue on until you reach the massive gate on the road and head up the hill to the right. There’s a path you can follow around to reach the side of the wall. Follow the path along and take out the enemy in front of the water pipe entrance. Head inside the pipe and you’ll find this collectible through the tunnel. There’s a second enemy just inside the wall—through the pipe—take him out and grab the Letter at his feet.

Letter #4 – Silly Ideas

To find the fourth Letter in Still and Silent, continue until you get to where you find the Resistance Fighter. Don’t go into the room with the Resistance Fighter just yet, though. Instead, look for this Letter on the desk in the room to the left of where you find the fighter.

All Letters in All is Ash

Moving on to the second part of this War Story, players will need to find four more Letters in this portion of the War Story.

Letter #1 – To you at Home

Right at the start, head across the frozen lake and make your way to the big island in the center. Head up onto the island and look for this Letter next to a pile of wood with a pickaxe sticking out of it.

Letter #2 – He Has Your Eyes

To find the next Letter in this chapter you’re going to want to head towards the substation. Instead of taking the path that leads directly to the substation, instead take the left-hand path and make your way up the hill and cliffs directly across from the substation. Follow the path up to a fire where you’ll find this Letter waiting to be collected.

Letter #3 – My Maintenance Work

The next Letter will be found closer to the substation. Make your way to the objective and then look for this Letter inside a small shed with a fire stove inside of it. The Letter can be found on top of the stove as you warm yourself up.

Letter #4 – He is a Doctor

The final Letter in this portion of the War Story can be found on the opposite side of the substation. Head down the hill from the substation and look for a campfire down the hill. If you head up the snowy path to the left from the campfire you can find this last Letter next to a frozen corpse in the snow.

All Letters in Wolf and Dog

With the Letters collected from the first two portions of this War Story, it’s time to complete the collection. There are six letters for players to collect in this chapter.

Letter #1 – You Never Change

From the start, ski down the hill and make your way under the building just to the left. If you ski underneath the building that juts out at the top of the hill you can find a restock area, as well as this Letter on top of a box.

Letter #2 – A Girl Her Age

Continue through the chapter until you reach the dock area with several cranes. Your destination here is the crane furthest from where you enter the dock area. Climb up the ladder to the top and then turn completely around. This Letter can be grabbed from the edge of the crane’s walkway.

Letter #3 – This Blasted Leg

To find the next Letter in this chapter, make your way to the long bridge that leads over to the village. Drop down beside the bridge. You should see a fallen tree trunk as well as several rocks here. Continue underneath the bridge and look for this Letter next to a resupply container.

Letter #4 – It Is So Cold

From the last collectible’s location, head underneath the bridge and ski down onto the lake. There’s a small ship out in the middle of the frozen lake. Look for this Letter on the ship next to the main cabin.

Letter #5 – Colony of Bats

The fifth Letter in this chapter can be found inside the village. Make your way through the village until you spot a white house with a blown-out hole in the roof. Head inside the house and make your way all the way to the attic via a ladder on the second floor. Here you’ll find a gun as well as this Letter.

Letter #6 – What a Terrible Mess

The final Letter can be found inside the bunker near the end of the chapter. Head inside the bunker and then look for this Letter on a desk in a room to the right. Grab it to complete the set and then finish out the chapter.

Now that you’ve acquired all the Letters in this War Story, head back over to our Battlefield 5 guides for more help.

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