Baldur’s Gate 3: Where Are the Missing Letters – Answered (BG3)

Save a pigeon, save a war profiteer

Finding the Missing Letters might be one of the easiest quests we’ll have to complete in Rivington, as they haven’t gone that far at all. Here’s precisely how to find those missing letters in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Complete Find the Missing Letters (BG3)

In Rivington, there’s one courier shop in town, and it’s been having a hard time of things lately. Not only is there a war going on, with the armies of the Absolute disrupting the normal routes, someone keeps killing all the pigeons!

Fortunately, it won’t take us long to find the killer.

Like all quests in Baldur’s Gate, there are multiple ways to finish the quest. What I suspect is the cannon way of doing things is going to the second floor of the courier shop. There, you’ll find the pigeon coop.

Using Speak to Animals, you can learn from the pigeon closest to the door that there’s a featherless, winged beast next door that keeps killing all of its brethren.

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The building this pigeon is talking about is actually the Temple of the Open Hand. Head to the north side of the Temple of the Open Hand and you’ll see a knotted vine that leads up to the temple’s roof.

Climb it, and you’ll find a winged cat (actually a tressym) in a nest, which is full of feathers and, you guessed it, letters.

You’ll get a perception check here, and if you pass it, you’ll note that the gem it’s wearing seems to match Gales. If Gale is in your party, he’ll recognize the tressym as his pet-friend, Tara. Gale will then be able to claim the ring in the nest (a Ring of Blinking) and will politely ask Tara to leave. She’ll do so without a fuss.

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If you don’t have Gale in your party, you’ll need someone who can Speak to Animals. Tara will tell you she’s been having a fine time eating all the pigeons in the area and she’s quite content to stay here eating the rest. You can pass a Persuasion or Deception check to make her leave, however.

Once she’s gone, inspect the nest for the letters. You’ll then have the option to open them in your inventory. I recommend you do so. By reading them, you’ll learn about some war profiteering.

Go back to the courier shop and tell the dwarf what you found. He’ll be upset, but if you pass a persuasion check, he’ll give you the highest amount of money possible in order to buy your silence.

If just give him the letters outright, you’ll get 250~ gold. If you don’t open the letters and pass the persuasion check, you’ll get 300~ gold. If you open the letters and pass the persuasion check, you’ll get 450~ gold.

So, do what’s best for your wallet!

If you’re near the Open Hand Temple, you might as well solve the murder that happened there! Doing so will get you a pass to the lower city and a sparkly new murder weapon (if you know where to look!).

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