Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Save Minsc (BG3)

Minsc and his space hamster make this camp a home

I’ll be honest, I’m new to the Baldur’s Gate franchise, but I know that Minsc is an old, familiar face in the series. Which can make the fact that he’s been consumed by the Absolute and it’s wriggling tadpolic influence that much harder. And when you finally face him, you’re faced with a hard decision. Should you kill or spare Minsc? And if you spare him, should you free him of the Absolute’s control in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3: Should you Save or Kill Minsc? – Answered (BG3)

If you’ve found yourself in the subterranean hideaway of the Guild, you’ve likely found yourself entangled with Nine-Finger Keene and Jaheira. Both want the same thing. For you to stop Minsc, who’s on a rampage through the city, destroying everything in his path as he makes fertile ground for the Absolute Cult.

And when you finally find him in the Abandoned Cistern, Jaheira will plead with you to not kill him. So, should you kill him or not?

The answer is simple. Even though it really annoys the Emperor, you should kill him and extend the power of the Prism to him.

There are no downsides. If you do this, Jahiera will be happy, and her companion quest will be complete. Minsc will join your camp as a permanent party member (he’s a ranger). This will also neatly tie up one of the most significant steps in the “Aid the Underduke” quest line.

And Minsc is a very fun companion to have, at least on the personality front.

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Now, if you’re not sure how to stop yourself from killing Minsc in the fight, here’s how. At the bottom of your hotbar, which displays all your potential actions, you’ll see a sub-menu that says ‘Passives’. Click it. You’ll then see that a new action called ‘Non-Lethal Attack’.

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By selecting this option, your melee attacks will leave Minsc with only 1 HP. Using magic can still blast him into the afterlife, so be mindful.

Once Minsc is knocked out, and the rest of the Absolutist doppelgangers handled, you can speak to him and go through the series of choices that will determine whether or not he’s added to your party.

If you’re in the sewers, there’s a very good chance you’ve stumbled across a skeleton. But did you know it holds a secret (and loot)?

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