Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Complete Sarin’s Skeleton (BG3)

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Sarin's Skeleton Baldur's Gate 3
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Sewers are full of weird creatures in any RPG, and in Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a grease mage guarding Sarin’s Skeleton as he prepares for the final rites on the corpse. What he doesn’t know is that Sarin is missing a piece of her body, and to complete the casket puzzle, you need to find out where the head is. Here’s how to complete Sarin’s Skeleton in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where to Find Sarin’s Skull in Baldur’s Gate 3

Sarin’s Skull is located northwest of Sarin’s Skeleton within the Undercity Ruins section of the sewers. This area will have a portal labeled as the “Undercity Ruins” and that makes finding the skull far easier. When you reach the portal, there will be a silent vendor waiting in front of some stairs. This also happens to be right near the Temple of Bhaal.

Sarin’s Skull locations. (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Sarin’s Skull is in the pack behind the silent vendor on the stairs. To get the skull, have three of your party members wait in front of the Penitent Vendor while the fourth member goes solo and steals from the pack. Sarin’s Skull will be waiting inside, and as soon as you take the skull, her headless ghost will usher you back to the casket.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

As long as the vendor didn’t spot you and the ghost is moving ahead, it’s time to finish up this weird fever dream of a sewer quest.

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How to Solve Sarin’s Skeleton in BG3

To fix Sarin’s Skeleton, you can go back to the casket and interact with Sarin’s casket. Make sure to place the skull in the slot that pops up and combine them as you would with any other puzzles in the game. Sarin’s ghost will be thankful and the quest is officially complete.

Sarin’s Skeleton Quest Reward:

After you place the skull, Sarin’s Ghost will reward you with an amulet that provides Innate Fortitude. This gives a character the option to react on Attack Rolls or Saving Throws with the Fortitude perk once per long rest. And getting the amulet is as simple as placing a skull.

The only part of the quest that could be considered difficult is the mage named Aelis Siryasius. Even if you managed to convince him not to attack, he will be angry when you return. Either leave a party member there when you get the skull or be ready for a fight against tons of grease elementals.

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