Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Enter the Temple of Bhaal in BG3

Ambush ahead.

Temple of Bhaal Baldur's Gate 3
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The Temple of Bhaal has plenty of reasons to enter aside from worshipping a God of assassination, including the Morphic Pools and the Head of Dribbles the Clown in Baldur’s Gate 3. Getting by the initial door is easy, but truly getting inside is much more challenging, and I can help you reach the menacing doors at the end of the cave. Here’s how to enter the Temple of Bhaal in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Open the First Door in the Temple of Bhaal (BG3)

To open the first door before the Temple of Bhaal, you need to shoot the bodies hanging above the circular platform with a ranged attack. As soon as they are hit, the platform will be covered in blood and the doors to Bhaal will slowly open. This is only the start though, and the real challenge is on this path.

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If you haven’t been to the first door yet, you can find the entrance directly next to the Undercity Ruins portal. This is all part of the sewer system below the main city and you can easily reach this section by using one of the manholes around Bloombridge Park in BG3.

How to Defeat Farslayer of Bhaal Ghislev in BG3

After getting past the initial door, you need to kill Farslayer of Bhaal Ghislev before he completes his ritual. If you don’t reach him in time, the ritual will kill your entire party. On top of the Farslayer, there is a handful of enemies scattered around the massive room to stop you from reaching the Temple of Bhaal.

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Luckily, you don’t need to take out every enemy. You only need to focus on the Farslayer. When I started this battle, I decided to shoot an AOE arrow on the cliff to the right in order to expose three archers. Then I had my whole party jump to that cliff, or fly in the case of Gale. Reaching the cliff will get you close enough to hit Farslayer of Bhaal Ghislev.

Once I was in range, I just had my team unload all of their attacks and any extra attack rolls that were available. The first 5-9 hits on the Farslayer will do nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing. He has an unstoppable barrier that needs to be broken, so save your major attacks for after that is broken.

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With the barrier gone, you can nuke Farslayer of Bhaal Ghislev. He may teleport away, but I just followed him to the top of the ruins and used my ranged attacks. As soon as he died, so did everything else in the area, and I was free to enter the Temple of Bhaal in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Open the Temple of Bhaal in BG3

To enter the true Temple of Bhaal, you need to have the Amulet of Bhaal and place it on the door. That means you need to get through the entire storyline tied to the Open Hand Temple murders and eventually make your way to the Candulhallow’s Tombstone building. Inside is a path that leads to the Crypt of Bhaal.

After entering the crypt, make sure to have two of the Open Hand Murders hands with you and proceed to Serevok Anchev. You need to kill him and then take the Amulet of Bhaal for yourself. At this point, head back to the Temple of Bhaal portal and utilize the amulet. Get ready to fight Orin inside.

Before you tackle the temple, you should also carefully decide whether you join Lord Gortash or Orin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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