Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Solve the Counting House Vaults Code (BG3)

Bad idea to let Astarion and I into this vault

As you stalk your way through the Counting House, ideally robbing every nook and cranny absolutely blind, you’ll find yourself faced with a vault and a puzzle. And you could run around everywhere, trying to figure it out. Or you could just read this guide. Here’s how to solve the Counting House Vaults Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Solve Counting House Vaults Door Puzzle

Have you noticed that Act 3 has a lot of puzzles that require you to run to secondary locations? That’s somewhat the case for the Counting House Vault Door, which has nine panels on the floor and requires you step on them in the right order.

To find the answer legitimately, you need to go to the second floor of the Counting House, lockpick your way into the off-limits door, and find a ledger. The ledger will highlight an event that took place in 1356.

And… that’s the answer to our Vault Code puzzle. So, instead of running all the way up there, wasting Invisibility, and risking getting caught, here’s how to input the code.

To solve the Vault Code Puzzle in the Counting House:

  • Ungroup your party.
  • Have the first character stand on 1 (top left).
  • Have the second character stand on 3 (top right).
  • Have the third character stand on 5 (middle middle).
  • Have the fourth character stand 6 (middle right).

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Screenshots by Prima Games. Stand on the tiles in the order shown above.

This needs to be done in the order listed, no character can leave their panel, and no panel can be tread on incorrectly. Doing so will cause the puzzle to reset.

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You’ll know if you stood on the correct panel because you’ll get a pleasant ‘ding!’ and the blue lights atop the vault door will light up bright blue.

Once that’s done, feel free to meander through the doors. If you’re looking to break into another are that’s off-limits, check out how to open the Sinister Door in Szarr Palace.

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