Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Duke Ravengard in BG3

You might need a life jacket

Duke Ulder Ravengard Baldur's Gate 3
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While he may not be a companion, Duke Ulder Ravengard is a key player in the overarching story for Baldur’s Gate 3, and saving his life is important if you want the best ending. However, he has been locked away in a secret prison by Lord Gortash, and I’m here to explain exactly how you can save the Duke in my guide.

Where to Find Duke Ravengard in BG3

Duke Ravengard is hidden in the Iron Throne prison, which can be accessed by breaking into Flymm Cargo in the southwestern section of the city. When you reach Flymm Cargo, you need to head inside and search the northern wall. There you will find some stacked crates that are covering a hidden hatch.

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Jump down the hatch and make your way to the belly of the cave. There isn’t much life down here aside from one dwarf named Redhammer the Deviser. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay friendly with him. Convince Redhammer that you work with Gortash or you will not be able to take the Submersible.

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As long as he believes you’re there to help, Redhammer will plop into the submersible like Mario and wait until you are ready to descend. I left and started the Steel Watcher Foundry quest so I could get ready for the other survivors in the prison as well. Once you’re all set though, simply head back to the submersible and confirm that you want to move ahead to the Iron Throne.

How to Save Duke Ravengard in Baldur’s Gate 3

To save Duke Ravenard, you need to break him out of the Iron Throne prison before the whole place explodes. When you arrive at the prison in the dwarven submersible, Gortash will tell you to turn back. If you refuse and dock anyway, which you definitely should, Gortash will trigger explosions all around the prison in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Eight turns are all you get to leave the submersible, free Duke Ravengard, and get him to safety in Baldur’s Gate 3. That means every single move counts. Once you leave the submersible, take the eastern path, or head to the left after going down the ladder. Down this hallway is Duke Ravengard in the center cell and two more Gondians locked up in the right side cell.

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You need to manually pull the levers to release any prisoners, and projectiles won’t work. Believe me, I threw about 10 different projectiles, and they were all just wastes of my precious turns. Just use Dash to get there fast and pull the lever. Then you need to bring Duke Ravengard back to the submersible, and you even control him.

If you made a pact with Mizora, she will assist you in saving the Duke once he is free from the cell. She grants haste and protection, so take advantage of that boon and get Duke Ravengard back to the submersible. As long as your party makes it back as well, the mission is a success, and you can speak to Ulder back at camp.

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