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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Rescue Orin’s Victim (BG3)

Race against the clock

There’s no shortage of twisted schemes that Orin will come up with to stop you in or your tracks or lure you to her side, but she went too far when she captured yet another child victim in Baldur’s Gate 3. We’ll go over exactly where to rescue the victim in this guide and who it might be.

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How to Save Orin’s Victim in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can find Orin’s victim in the center of the Temple of Bhaal, and to rescue them, you need to be ready for a boss fight with Orin after tense dialogue checks. Reaching this stage of Baldur’s Gate 3 requires you to complete multiple steps tied to the Open Hand Temple murders. We would suggest tracking down the killer before you do anything else because you will need his bag of hands.

The killer is a dwarf who happens to be a prodigy of Bhaal and is proving his worth. Take him down before he kills anyone else and then search his body. There will be a bag of hands that you need to reach the next area.

Temple of Bhaal BG3
The victim is in the center ritual table. (Screenshot by Prima Games.)

Getting the Amulet of Bhaal

Take the hands to the Candulhallow’s Tombstone, which is just north of the Stormshore Tabernacle. You need to lockpick your way in and then press the button behind the painting to open the bookshelf. Down the stairs is the Crypt of Bhaal, and the Grandfather of Orin, Serevok Anchev. Defeat this level 16 boss and take the Amulet of Bhaal.

Heading to the Underground

Next, you’ll need to enter the Underground. There are a few ways of entering this location, but here are the best by far:

  • Getting in via the broken wall by the Guild’s Headquarters.
  • Getting in via the Hatch by the Emperor’s Hideout.
  • Getting in via the manholes and sewer grates littered across Baldur’s Gate.

The next step involves navigating the Underground to get to the first entrance of Bhaal’s temple. You’ll need to go through a series of acid and grease enemies. You’ll need to head north, keeping on the right-most side. Once you’ve made it past the bridges, a door, and a staircase, you’ll reach the Undercity Ruins. You’ll see a large door made of stone. Use your Amulet of Bhaal here.

After beating the Farslayer of Bhaal and Gislev, you’ll now get to enter the temple of Bhaal. Here are the steps required.

  1. In the area after killing Gislev, you’ll need to follow lighted statues. Go downward. You should at some point pass a pile of corpses and the head of Dribbles the Clown.
  2. Head past the large bridge after following the statues. Make sure to click on the waypoint. It is the last chance you have at refilling HP and spells.
  3. Once you’re across the bridge, you’ll find the enormous doors to the Temple of Bhaal. Use your Amulet of Bhaal to open them and prepare for some dialogue and a hard fight.

Confronting Orin and Saving Orin’s Victim

Enter the Temple of Bhaal with the amulet in hand and open the giant menacing doors near the portal. This leads directly to Orin, and as soon as you find her, you will see the victim on a ritual table. Now you need to pass some dialogue checks. Otherwise, Orin will kill the victim.

If you succeed, you can defeat Orin in battle. However, you still need to stop the Bhaalists from completing the ritual. When all of that is done, loot the keys from your enemies and rescue Orin’s victim from the locked ritual table.

Who the victim is will depend entirely on your own playthrough. We had Yenna as our victim, but it can be a few other main party members as well. It really comes down to luck, and you can always reload your save if you want someone else to be the victim.

Getting Orin to Ignore the Victim

You can get Orin to ignore the victim and fight the party instead by passing a few speech checks. Here’s the full dialogue tree for this.

  1. [DECEPTION] “Gortash is dead. I left him rotting on the roof of his fortress.”
  2. [INTIMIDATION] “Anything you do to him/her, I will inflict on you a hundredfold.”
  3. [PERSUASION] “You said Bhaal wanted us to fight. He will reject this offering.”
  4. “His/Her fate is of no interest to me.”

Once this happens, the fight will commence, and the victim will join you and your party against the fight with Orin.

Using Speak With Dead to Stop Orin

There is a way to stop Orin from performing the sacrifice. If you used Speak With Dead on Orin’s Mother and got info that Sarevok was behind everything, a new dialogue option will pop up.

  • “Like the salvation your mother offered? Attacked by your mother on Sarevok’s orders. That must have hurt.”

You’ll then need to choose the following dialogue checks to stop Orin from killing the victim.

  • “You’re pathetic. No wonder he tricked you so easily.”
  • “[DECEPTION] Sarevok told me the truth himself. He was laughing at you.”
  • “[RELIGION] Bhaal rejoices in such cruel betrayals. You really believed you were the exception?”
  • “I’m not the one who needs saving.”

Afterwards, Orin gets transformed into a slayer by Bhaal.

How to Defeat Orin in BG3

The easiest way to defeat Orin is to break through his barriers with multi-attacks, such as Magic Missile and Scorching ray. Once the barrier is done, use as many buffs as you have and deal out as much damage as you can. Save your multi-attack spells and action surges exclusively for the barrier. Level 5 Magic Missile can break through the barrier in one go. Next, use powerful attacks like Action Surge on a barrier-less Orin. Repeat this process to defeat Orin easily.

All the Steps to Rescue Orin’s Victim in BG3

  • Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders.
  • Loot the bag of hands on the killer.
  • Head to Candulhallow’s Tombstone near the Basilisk Gate.
  • Enter Bhaal’s Crypt from there and defeat Serevok Anchev.
  • Take the Amulet of Bhaal from his corpse.
  • Use the amulet to enter the Temple of Bhaal in the Undercity Ruins.
  • Pass a dialogue check with Orin.
  • Defeat Orin and her cultists in time.
  • Rescue the victim from the ritual table.

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