Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Fix Karlach’s Infernal Engine in BG3

Maybe Withers can resurrect her sans engine?

Karlach Ending Baldur's Gate 3
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Karlach is easily the best girl in all of Baldur’s Gate. And despite her sunny, relentless positivity, she’s easily one of the most tragic. After being sold out by her employee to an archdemon in hell, she’s been fighting in the Blood Wars for 10 years. Her own heart has been replaced by an infernal engine. But is it possible to fix her infernal engine in Baldur’s Gate 3?

How to Fix Karlach’s Infernal Engine in Baldur’s Gate 3

When you meet Karlach, you’ll find she’s running a little hot because of her infernal engine. A machine of hellish machinery that makes her extremely powerful but also threatens to overheat and kill her when she’s not in Avernus. And here are some minor spoilers: You can’t fix her infernal engine entirely. But we can make it manageable.

When you meet her, she’ll ask you to help her find someone who can do some work on her infernal engine. That person is Dammon, a Tiefling blacksmith you can meet at different areas and times in the game.

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In Act 1, you can find Dammon in the Emerald Grove on the far left of the map. He’ll stay there until the goblins are ousted, and the Tieflings are forced to leave the Emerald Grove.

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It’s in Act 2 that you’re able to do the most for Karlach and her infernal engine. There, you’ll meet Dammon at the Lost Light Inn, within the makeshift stable / blacksmith area. Speak to him, and he’ll task you with finding infernal iron. Infernal iron is integral to keeping Karlach healthy and living.

Bring it to him, and he’ll be able to cool down Karlach. This will open her up to romancing and help you complete her companion quest.

But cooling her down is as far as we can go. To survive, she’ll need to eventually return to Avernus.

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