Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find the Imposter in Your Camp (BG3)

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Orin Imposter Baldur's Gate 3
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Shortly after you arrive in Wyrm’s Crossing Fortress, Lord Gortash will be “friendly” enough to inform you of an imposter in your camp or your party. He has his own motives in Baldur’s Gate 3, but Gortash isn’t lying in this case, so I can help you find out exactly who the doppelganger is before anything else goes wrong.

How to Discover the Imposter in Your BG3 Party

To find out who the imposter is in your Baldur’s Gate 3 camp, you need to head to the eastern section of the City Sewers. There is no way to discover who the doppelganger from Orin is by speaking to your party members. Instead, I recommend going down to the sewers from the entrance in the Elfsong Tavern, which also happens to be the Emperor’s hideout.

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As soon as you enter the true sewers, Orin will appear as one of your party members. This could be Gale, Lae’zel, Halsin, and so on. For me, Orin took on the form of Yenna. I got lucky with that one. And that’s what it really comes down to in BG3, is luck in this case. You can keep reloading to change the form that Orin takes. But that’s just the start.

She will offer to free the real version of the imposter if you help her out. If you refuse, then you need to go on an entire mission to save your party member, and it’s definitely not easy. Either way, now you know who the imposter in your BG3 camp is.

How to Save Your Party Member From Orin in BG3

You can save your real party member from Orin by defeating her in the Temple of Bhaal. She will have your real party member chained down to a ritual stone, and this is where dialogue matters most. When you confront Orin, she will instantly kill your companion depending on your rolls. I went with intimidation to get her to fight.

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During the boss fight against Orin, you need to make sure you defeat her before the Bhaal cultists complete the ritual, or that can lead to their death as well. Upon success though, you can loot the altar keys from your enemies and free your true BG3 companion.

Getting to this point takes a whole lot of effort though. Make sure to read through my guide on how to enter the Temple of Bhaal in Baldur’s Gate 3 before you get going.

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