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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Dual Wield Hand Crossbows in BG3

John Wick, who?

With various weapons available at your disposal in Baldur’s Gate 3, sometimes you can relish the simplicity of hitting things with an arrow. But, what if we told you that you could do this two times while dual-wielding Hand Crossbows in the game? Unleash your inner John Wick and go to town destroying a variety of different enemies in the game with your unrelenting fury and unending supply of arrows when you find out how to brandish two of these weapons at the same time.

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How Do You Dual Wield Hand Crossbows In Baldur’s Gate 3?

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While there are a variety of different crossbows available in Baldur’s Gate, you’re going to need to gather up two Hand Crossbows. You cannot dual-wield any other type of crossbow due to their size and weight. The Hand Crossbow, as the name suggests, is the lightest in the game.

Once you have collected two of them, you’ll want to open your Character Sheet and find the Ranged section, as shown in the photo above. From here, you’ll just need to drag both of the Hand Crossbows into the Ranged category, which is found on the right side of your character sheet. Once both have been put into slots, you’ll be ready to use them in your next battle encounter.

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Thankfully, the process of dual-wielding these items is easier than finding them. While they are listed as a Common item, much like the Thieves’ Tools, they can feel like they’re near impossible to find when you need them. Be sure to loot bodies after defeating ranged enemies, as that will be the most likely place to find these items when you are roaming the lands of BG3. You can likely also find them at different shops, so get ready to barter for the best price.

No matter if you’re trying to get rid of your Flesh Rot, or just want to romance Karlach, we’ve got you covered in our Baldur’s Gate 3 section below. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks that will always help put the luck of the dice on your side, so be sure to check it out before heading out on your next big adventure.

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