Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get Rid of Flesh Rot in BG3

Nothing ruins a good time better that someone's flesh rotting off, to be honest.

Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces numerous illnesses affecting characters, but Flesh Rot poses unique challenges; it not only depletes Stamina but significantly impacts overall health. To resume exploring the world and battling creatures, here is our solution for curing BG3’s flesh rot.

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BG3 Flesh Rot Effects: What Does Flesh Rot Do?

Flesh Rot is a debilitating disease that steadily drains both health and stamina, gives you Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Charisma saving throws, and makes you Vulnerable to all damage. Needless to say, it’s a pretty serious disease.

There are two ways in which you can get Flesh Rot:

  • Get hit by the Mapped Terror: Disease spell and fail the subsequent Wisdom saving throw.
  • Fail to treat a Rotting condition.

If your character gets afflicted by the Open Wound condition after getting cut by an attack or otherwise and you fail to treat it within 10 turns, the condition will become Rotting upon failing a DC15 Constitution saving throw. Failing to cure Rotting within 20 turns will subsequently cause it to become Flesh Rot upon failing another DC15 Constitution saving throw. Flesh Rot should only last for 25 turns, but that’s a lengthy amount of time to try to ride out a disease, and in the meantime, it can become real deadly real fast.

Unfortunately, rest alone won’t cure Flesh Rot in BG3. You and your party must take active measures, like the Lay On Hands Paladin action or the Lesser Restoration level 2 abjuration spell, so your party can cure it.

How to Cure Flesh Rot in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you’re hoping to cure your Flesh Rot, you or a member of your party will need to cast the spell Lesser Restoration. Casting this either on the battlefield or while exploring the world will cure your BG3 flesh rot symptoms.

If you have Shadowheart in your party, she can learn this spell at Level 3, and it’s strongly suggested that you have her learn it as quickly as possible so you can avoid future Flesh Rot issues. However, if you are playing in any of the following classes, you can learn Lesser Restoration on your own:

  • Bard (Level 3).
  • Cleric (Level 3).
  • Druid (Level 3).
  • Paladin (Level 5).
  • Ranger (Level 5).

You can also gain access to the Lesser Restoration spell by equipping the Amulet of Silvanus, an Uncommon amulet that allows you to use Lesser Restoration once per Short Rest. You’ll find the Amulet of Silvanus hidden under a rock near Ormn the bear in the Druid Grove. Once you have the amulet, you can equip to any character and they’ll be able to use Lesser Restoration regardless of their class or character level.

However, if you’re still very early on in the game, needing to cure the Flesh Rot disease with a second-level spell means you likely won’t have access to the appropriate healing at lower character levels. This puts you at risk when needing a spell like Lesser Restoration to cure Flesh Rot at character level one.

The good news is, there’s a quick fix to Flesh Rot right at the beginning of the game. Regardless of subclass, all Paladins have Lay On Hands (a Paladin Action that clears disease) from the start of their journey at level one. If there’s no Paladin in your party, focus on leveling up another class with healing abilities and use spells and potions to manage the disease in the meantime.

The Best Classes to Cure BG3 Flesh Rot

Not all classes will have the ability to cure diseases like Flesh Rot. For example, if you picked the Rogue class, you’re going to need a magic user on your team that can cast a restoration spell. Having at least one magic user in your party at all times should be almost necessary to avoid running into difficult situations like this, plus their abilities can help make combat encounters more interesting and easy to handle if things get out of control quickly.

That’s all there is for Flesh Rot in BG3, but if you’re just hoping to get your hands on an overpowered sword at the start of the game or you’re already cruising through the story, make sure that you make a quick stop at our Baldur’s Gate 3 section below. We’ve got countless guides on the game with even more on the way since this adventure is massive and sprawling. We’ve got you covered on every dice roll along the way with a bonus to your overall knowledge.

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