Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Beat Oliver in Hide and Seek (BG3)

Rogues hate this one trick.

Oliver Hide and Seek Baldur's Gate 3
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The Shadow Cursed Lands are full of dark quests to complete in Baldur’s Gate 3, so why not take a break from the chaos and beat Oliver in a game of hide and seek? This small Tiefling isn’t far from the Shadowed Battlefield waypoint, and once you speak to him, I can help you find out exactly where he is hiding.

How to Find Oliver in Hide and Seek (BG3)

Oliver can be found behind the wagon in front of the house, which is directly next to a cliff in Baldur’s Gate 3. When you agree to play hide and seek with Oliver, he will always start by hiding in the same spot. Simply walk outside to the front of the house and place your character in the vicinity of the cart or wagon.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

I was able to see some small magic orbs floating in the area and I guessed that’s where I could beat Oliver in hide and seek. You can also use reveal spells to help illuminate the way, but there is no need for this part. As soon as you reach the cart, he won’t be happy that you won and will demand a second round.

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At this point, you can refuse and fight his family of shadows, or try to beat him in hide and seek yet again. For those of you that decide you want a second round, search the left side of the house for Oliver. This time he can move, so be on the lookout for the magic orbs, but the house is his hiding spot.

While you look for him the second time, you will need to avoid his family of shadows. For that reason, it’s best to have the rest of the party hide and use your stealthiest character to track down Oliver in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What is the Reward for Beating Oliver in Hide and Seek (BG3)?

If you manage to beat Oliver in hide and seek twice, the reward is the Ring of Shadows. By default, there aren’t any massive stats. However, the ring provides the level 2 Abjuration spell. This gives the caster and the whole party a +10 roll on all stealth checks.

Having this ring can be a massive boon for places like the Temple of Shar later on in Baldur’s Gate 3. So if you can manage two rounds of hide and seek, I would go for it. If not, then just take out the shadows and move on.

Before you head into the Temple of Shar, make sure you get your Moon Lantern and speak to the Pixie in BG3.

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