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BG3 player character fighting a Minotaur

Baldur’s Gate 3: All Steam Achievements Listed

Every achievement in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 includes a list of Steam and console achievements and trophies packed with unique roleplaying challenges and feats. Here is the full list of achievements featured in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Lae'zel standing atop a roof in BG3
Image Courtesy of Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 Achievements and Trophies

In total, Baldur’s Gate 3 features 53 achievements on PC and 54 Trophies on PS5, 29 of which are hidden. The extra trophy on PS5 is the obligatory Platinum trophy that all PlayStation games have, requiring you to collect all other BG3 trophies to obtain.


There are six achievements / trophies in BG3 related to the game’s various endings. Because of this, it’s difficult to get all achievements / trophies in a single playthrough. But if you play as a Dark Urge origin character and are okay with save-scumming, you can knock most of them out in one go. We especially recommend saving before the game’s final Point of No Return to play through all endings and earn their related achievements with minimal fuss.

Descent From AvernusTake control of the Nautiloid and escape the hells.
RoleplayerComplete ten background goals in a single playthrough—you are one with your character.
Bedrolls and BreakfastTake four full long rests in a single playthrough—adventuring’s tiring work.
Dig for VictoryDig up five buried chests in a single playthrough—treasure!
No Penny RequiredSuccessfully use Detect Thoughts to pry into someone’s thoughts.
EscapologistBreak out of prison after being arrested—aren’t you daring?
OutsourcingRecruit a hireling. You can befriend them or use them as cannon-fodder—we won’t judge.
Jack-of-all-TradesMulticlass into every class in one playthrough without asking Withers to change your character.
HomebrewerCreate three unique alchemical solutions in a single playthrough—bottoms up!
Kill Two Birds with One GnomeUse one enemy as an improvised weapon against another.
BuskerEarn a hundred gold from playing sweet, sweet music in a single playthrough.
Action SurgePerform five attacks in one turn. Your enemies won’t know what hit them (literally).
Fists of FuryKill a character with an unarmed strike.
Devil’s in the DetailsDefeat Commander Zhalk in the Nautiloid.
Non-invasive ProcedureKill the Surgeon before he performs surgery on you in combat.
Penny PincherDefeat the Toll Collector without her using gold against you—excellent budgeting.
Fancy FootworkDefeat Gortash in Wyrm’s Rock without activating any traps.
Crash LandingIn the Wyrmway, wait until the dragon is midflight, then knock it out of the sky—KAPOW.
Bottoms UpLong Rest using only alcohol—a time-honored dwarfish tradition.
Shove OffKill a creature with falling damage.
BookwormRead 100 different books in a single playthrough. Adventuring isn’t just daring quests, you know.
Punch DrunkDefeat twenty opponents while a party character is drunk in a single playthough—down them.
Fetch QuestPlay fetch with Scratch—the best boy in the Realms.
Critical HitComplete the game in Tactician mode.
FoehammerComplete the game in Honour mode.

The achievement/trophy “Foehammer” was added to Baldur’s Gate 3 in its fifth patch alongside its new Honour Mode difficulty. Foehammer tasks players with completing the new difficulty (the hardest difficulty now available) from beginning to end.

Hidden Achievements and Trophies


The following achievements and trophies are all hidden. They may include story elements and game details better left unknown, including main story endings, companion quests, and key story events. Read on at your own risk.

Pest ControlKill the Spider Matriarch before her eggs hatch—why do they have so many legs?
A Grym FateKill the Adamantine Golem without using the Forge Hammer.
Repairing the WeaveStablise Gale’s Netherse orb.
The Lich-Queen’s WrathAlly with Voss against the Githyanki God-Queen. Good luck.
To Bloom in Darkest NightGift Shadowheart a night orchid—her favorite flower. Always knew she was a softie.
Hot DateGo on a date with Karlach—now that’s playing with fire.
Just a NibbleLet Astarion bite you—ouch.
LoopholeBreak Wyll’s Pact with Mizora.
Embrace Your UrgeBecome Bhaal’s ultimate weapon—become his Slayer.
The Plot ThickensLeave Act One—for somewhere altogether darker.
The City AwaitsLeave Act Two—Baldur’s Gate is just over the horizon.
All’s Well That Ends WellFinish the game (with a heartfelt “Thank you!” from Larian Studios).
Absolute Power CorruptsReign with terror: take control of the Netherbrain and bend the world to your will.
Hero of the Forgotten RealmsSave the day: kill the Netherbrain and destroy the Absolute tadpoles.
Sins of the FatherClaim your Throne of Blood: take control of the Netherbrain for Bhaal and break the world.
CeremorphosisMake the ultimate sacrifice: become a mindflayer to defeat the Netherbrain.
Interfectorem DraconisKill the Red Dragon in the Upper City.
You Have Two Hands for a ReasonPet Scratch and the Owlbear cub at the same time—the greatest joy an adventurer could ask for.
Rude, Crude, and full of AttitudeFind and summon the quasit Shovel. Or is her name… Fork? Maybe Basket?
Forged in Blood and FireCraft an item in the Adamantine Forge.
Under Lock and KeyRescue all the prisoners from the depths of Moonrise Towers in one playthrough.
She Cannot be Caged!Rescue Sazza from the Emerald Grove, Goblin Camp, and Moonrise Towers in one playthrough.
Taking BloodSteal the Blood of Lathander from underneath Rosymorn Monastery.
Leave No One BehindSave every tiefling refugee you can throughout the game in a single playthrough.
Murder in Baldur’s GateCoat the streets of Baldur’s Gate in blood—become an Unholy Assassin of Bhaal.
Expand Your MindConsume a parasite and unlocked a new power—is it meant to wriggle the whole way down?
No Free LunchesDefeat the Apostle of Myrkul before it consumes any Necromites.
First BloodKill Orin while her cultists are performing their ritual chant.
Mind BlownRomance the Emperor.
Pride of Baldur’s GateCollect all trophies (PS5).

Does Modding Remove Achievements?

Modding does remove your BG3 achievements. Keep this in mind before using any mods on your BG3 file. However, there is a way to restore achievement functionality via the help of mods. Keep in mind that whether you use mods or not is entirely up to you. We cannot vouch for the functionality nor safety of anything you use.

To re-enable achievements, you can use the Achievement Enabler mod by DK on Nexus Mods. You can install this mod manually or via Vortex. Once installed, this will allow you to earn achievements while modding your BG3 game.


For future mods, you can use BG3MM to install them easily. Make sure you make a full backup of save files and game files before attempting to do so. Your game should also be updated to the current version to ensure smooth accessibility.

That’s all BG3 achievements and trophies. Now go forth and collect ’em all. And for more on Baldur’s Gate 3, check out the game’s Metacritic scores.

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