Atomic Numbers that Add Up to 200: The Password Game Guide

Breaking Bad taught me math and meth always go together

The Password Game Atomic Numbers Add Up to 200 Feature

One of the later rules in The Password Game brings another throwback to our school days. If Roman numerals weren’t enough, it’s time to take another chemistry class and discover the exact Atomic Numbers for each of the Periodic Table elements.

Rule 12 (Your password must include a two letter symbol from the periodic table.) was already involving them, but maybe you just skipped through it and didn’t notice thanks to another prompt in your password. But now you’re forced to pay attention to them. And also do some more math. Here are Atomic Numbers that add up to 200 for the Password Game.

How to Get Atomic Numbers That Add Up to 200 in The Password Game

Right after receiving the egg of doom AKA Paul, you get Rule 18: The elements in your password must have atomic numbers that add up to 200. 

Elements” refer to the elements in the Periodic Table, each of them represented by a letter. We have H for Hydrogen or K for Potassium, for example. As for “Atomic Numbers”, each element has a certain number related to them, and it represents the number of protons in its nucleus. This number is 1 for each Hydrogen atom, but is 19 for each Potassium atom.

Nerd stuff aside, you probably know what you should do now, right? You’ll need to discover the value of each of the elements in your password, and make the sum of them reach 200. All capital letters representing an element in the table will be highlighted in your password, and now you have to discover their values. 

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Luckily, there are over 100 elements with very specific amounts, so reaching 200 is not that complicated. We’ve made a guide complete with a periodic table, including atomic numbers, symbols, and their elements’ names.

A valuable tip is to avoid elements with C, D, L, M, V or X in them, because these are also Roman numerals and will, therefore, interfere with Rule 9. “I” is also a Roman Numeral, but it represents 1, which doesn’t affect that previous rule. 

But soon you’ll be forced to add a capital “I” in your password thanks to Rule 21, so you might wanna prepare beforehand. This is your calm before the storm that is Rule 23 slapping your face until you close your tab for good. God I love and hate this game!

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