Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

The easiest way to earn all of the Trophies and Achievements in AC Syndicate!

In this guide, you’ll unlock every Trophy and Achievement in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. After earning them all, you’ll receive the Master Assassin, as well as the platinum Trophy for the PlayStation 4 version of the game (and the Xbox equivalent, a lot of Achievement points).

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These cover more of the general Trophies away from the story. If you need assistance in beating those stages, be sure to refer to our Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough. These include: 

  • A Spanner in the Works
  • A Simple Plan
  • A Modern Babylon
  • A Quick and Reliable Remedy
  • The Perils of Business
  • A Run on the Bank
  • All is Fair in Politics
  • The Joys of Freedom
  • Shall We Dance 

By going through the story, you should have no trouble unlocking these PS4 Trophies and Xbox One Achievements. As for the rest, we broke them down below. 

Friends at My Back

In order to unlock this particular Trophy, you need to locate five rooks and recruit them all (with a tap of the shoulder button) at the same time. To be able to do this, you’ll need to reach level 5. They should be easy to find across the streets of London, and once they’re all in range, hit the right shoulder button and you’ll be good to go. 

The War At Home

You’ll need to finish the World War I simulation to unlock this Trophy. These consist of side missions available throughout Syndicate. Although we don’t have a walkthrough for this, you should be able to find and complete them with ease, with the help of your map. 


There are plenty of beer brands to try in London, and while drinking may be the last thing an assassin should do, you’ll unlock this particular Trophy by giving them a shot. You’ll see them across your map in the form of beer bottles. Simply set up a waypoint and find them in the bars, and you’ll be good to go. Visit them all and the Trophy is yours. 

No Ticket

This is a Trophy that requires a great deal of effort in order to unlock. The best way to go about it is to load up Sequence 2: A Simple Plan and take out 50 enemies by kicking them off a train in just a few minutes’ time. Evie will find six when she first starts the mission, and after they’re finished, simply restart and do it over again. It’s repetitive, but soon enough, the Trophy will be yours. 

Flawless Conqueror 

With this one, you’ll need to take control of three Gang Strongholds after you’ve finished the optional objectives listed in a current mission. By doing this, you’ll stop lookouts from calling in reinforcements. As you take over the Strongholds, you should see this progressively come up once you finish the third one. It won’t take too long. 

Bare-Knuckle Champion 

There are Fight Clubs strewn throughout the city, and in order to get this Trophy, you’ll need to fight and win three of them. The best way you can unlock new Fight Clubs is to find Robert Topping, who will provide a number of locations for you to visit on your map. Stop by three of them. 

A Quarter-Furlong at a Time 

For this trophy, you’ll need to compete in street races, which are scattered all across London. They’re easy to spot and pinpoint on your map, and once you take part, you’ll want to score a first place victory. Just make sure you’re competing in different types of street race events – if they’re all the same, you won’t be able to unlock the Trophy. 

Treasure Hunter 

There are Raids scattered throughout London, and in order to earn this particular Trophy, you’ll have to use either Evie or Jacob to complete 10 of them. You’ll first want to go to the Thames and check for cargo ships, which can be raided. Make sure you get the rope launcher first before you tackle this, or else you’ll be taking a swim. Look for the cargo ships with red marked on the map. Pinpoint them, raid away and stack them up until you earn the Trophy.


There are various Bounty Hunt side missions available on your map. In order to earn this Trophy, you’ll need to complete three of these, kidnapping and delivering three different targets (alive, not dead). Unconscious is fine, but not dead. You won’t earn the Trophy that way. 

Unqualified Success 

There are Templar Hunts throughout London, and in order to earn this Trophy, you’ll need to complete them, along with the challenges they’re attached to. This includes killing an enemy a certain way, or using stealth all the way through. Fortunately these missions are easy. One in particular will call for an Aerial Assassination, which you can execute and then get away from. After that, simply go after the Templar, take them out and repeat two more times for the reward. 

Children’s Aid Society 

Poor kids – they’re stuck working in jobs with tyrannical rulers. But you can free them and get a Trophy for your trouble. Visit five Child Liberation missions and complete them. Don’t worry about the challenges, just make sure you free all the children and take out anyone hoarding over them. Look for ball and chain icons on your map if you need to pinpoint where they are. 

Guardian Angel

There are various cargo shipments that your fellow citizens need guarding. If you manage to escort 10 of them throughout London, you’ll earn this Trophy for your trouble. Make sure you have some back-up assigned by calling upon a few Rooks to help out – you never know when you’re going to need them later on.


To earn this Trophy, you’ll need to unlock all the Secrets of London. Thankfully, we have a guide that breaks down just how to do that, so be sure to check out our Secrets of London guide to unlock the Aegis outfit for Evie

A Broad Base 

Loyalty is a big thing, and by reaching level one with all your known associates, you’ll be able to earn this Trophy. This includes performing various missions throughout the boroughs, including Templar Hunts, Child Liberation, Gang Strongholds and Bounty Hunts. Progress will be tracked as you clean up, and once you do, loyalty will be earned. 

Bedfellows, Strange Or Otherwise 

For this Trophy, you’ll need to reach level 5 with at least one associate. It may take a little time to clean London out in order to get there, but it helps to keep with one particular type of event if you’re in more of a hurry. Your best bet is Child Liberation, which is about the easiest to complete. 

Needle in a Haystack

This can be a particularly tricky Trophy to earn, as you’ll need to take out five enemies while hiding in the same haystack. Fortunately, you can pace this out and not have to do it in a single run (they’re likely to be alerted anyway). Load up Sequence 2: A Simple Plan and you’ll be able to reach a vantage point with ease. Once there, leap into the haystack and take out the first guard. From there, restart your mission and do it again. Five times altogether, and you’re done.

Street Sweeping 

Once you’ve taken down all the boroughs in London and cleaned them up of crime, you’ll earn this Trophy. If you do it around the same time as finding all the Secrets of London collectibles, you’ll eventually get there – and rank yourself up in the process. This includes taking care of all the Templar Hunts, Bounty Hunts, Child Liberation, Gang Strongholds and Gang Wars. 


There are various perks to unlock throughout Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. If you get 10 different ones, this Trophy will be yours. You can keep track of all your perks by pausing the game and seeing what progress is made with ones you have yet to unlock. Keep leveling up and you’ll eventually get it. 

Keys to the City 

You’ll need to unlock all Gang Upgrades in order to earn this Trophy. Keep track of your progress through the pause menu, and don’t forget to focus on the Swindler branch to earn lots of money, which will net you more upgrades. 


Crafting is a vital way to get new tools in Syndicate, and once you’re able to craft one by level 10, you’ll be able to unlock this Trophy. You’ll need to be level 10 yourself in order to do this, but once you are, just make a new item and it’s yours. (Make sure you have the proper materials.) 


This one’s made just for Jacob, as you’ll need to unlock all the skills within the Fight branch of his skill tree. By the time you reach the near end of the game, you should be at this point, but if you need assistance, keep working on side quests and cleaning out the boroughs. 


Meanwhile, this Trophy concentrates on Evie. To get it, you simply need to get all the Stealth branch filled up in her skill tree. Again, it’ll take a while (near the end of the game), so keep working through side quests and other missions to get there. 

Wonder of the Age 

You’ll need to be around level 10 to earn this Trophy. It unlocks once you finish up the story, crowd events, side missions and other items to help build towards that experience. If you’re devoted enough, you’ll get there. 

Ordinary Criminal

To earn this Trophy, you simply need to complete 20 random crowd events. You’ll see these pop up all over London, and hear and see certain notifications to let you know they’re happening. Watch closely on your map as well, then don’t hesitate to jump in. 

Language of Flowers 

You’ll need to find all the Pressed Flowers around London to get this Trophy. Some will appear on your map, but don’t be afraid to invest in a collectibles map to find the rest. Once you get them all (and use some to change the color of your outfit), consider this unlocked. 

Student of History 

You’ll need to find all the Historical Posters in order to earn this Trophy. Use a collectibles map to find them all, as well as ones that pop up on your regular map. It’ll take additional travel time (about two hours), but it’s worth it for the completionists.

A Life In Letters

You’ll need to find the 12 Royal Letters throughout Westminster in order to unlock this Trophy. It can take about an hour or so, but this guide will tell you where to find all of the letters in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Chimney Sweep 

Here’s hoping you like climbing, because you’ll earn this Trophy simply by synchronizing with all of the various Viewpoints around the city. You’ll see these on your map easily, so make sure to get around and find all the higher points. 


In order to earn this Trophy, you’ll need to get 100 percent synchronization through the main memories. This means you’ll need to finish all of the challenges within each memory, because without them, you’ll only be at 90 percent. Be sure to check out our Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough for further assistance.


Ready to drive a little wild? You’ll earn this Trophy by destroying 20 vehicles by ramming into them. Hop into a carriage and start going wild on other vehicles. If your carriage falls apart in the process, just hop back in another one. Story missions where you use carriages also count toward this, too. 

What Is Wrong With You? 

This one’s not for the humanitarians, as you’ll earn this Trophy by shooting horses and causing five vehicles to turn over. Just aim for them and fire away. It’s nothing personal, and will get you closer to that Platinum Trophy. 

Look Out Below 

Once you upload Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 4, you’ll earn this Trophy with ease. Simply take out three guards using hanging barrels. They’ll be easy to spot by using Eagle Vision, and you can time your shot (or knife throw) to take them out carefully. The hanging barrel scene should be right at the beginning of the mission, and if you somehow mess up, just reload and try again. 

You Wouldn’t Steal a Policeman’s Helmet

To complete this Trophy, you’ll need to overtake 20 different police carriages. You don’t need to do them all in a row, so just take to joyriding when you spot them. Be prepared for a bit of opposition, though – some of these police can be onery. 

Queensbury Rules

To accomplish and earn this Trophy, you’ll need to achieve a 40-hit combo during combat. This can be done easily in any given Fight Club, or when you’re surrounded by more than three opponents. Just don’t forget to block or dodge certain attacks, however, or the combo will start over. 

Whirlwind of Death 

You’ll need to perform 50 multi-finishers in order to unlock this Trophy. To do so, simply look for two enemies that are near death (after beating them) and go right into attacking one. By doing this, you’ll launch a multi-finisher and take them all down. Just get into combat scenarios and remember not to kill them too quickly, and you’ll eventually get to 50. 

Blade in the Crowd 

To earn this Trophy, you’ll need to assassinate 50 enemies. This includes sneaking up on foes, Air Assassinations and Unique Kills, provided you don’t get into any sort of hand-to-hand combat. You’ll earn these naturally through the game, so it’ll eventually unlock. 

Opium Scourge 

You’ll need to infect four enemies at the same time with a Hallucinogenic Dart in order to unlock this Trophy. Wait for enemies to gather into a group, and once you’ve got enough in your radius range, fire away. You’ll be able to hit them all and unlock it. 

Blade From Above 

With this Trophy, you need to complete 20 Air Assassinations from a zipline. However, it’s quite easy to do. Look for an enemy on the ground and deploy a line so that you’re right over them. Scoot out and hit the assassinate button when you’re over them (they’ll highlight red). Do this 20 times and it’s all yours. 

Most Unsporting 

The goal here is to be a quicker shot than your enemy. You’ll need to shoot 50 enemies before they have the chance to hit you. Look for them to draw, but then hit the counter button and shoot back before they do. Once you do this 50 times, you’re good to go. The video above will certainly help you out. 

Without Grudge 

Before you get to the Platinum trophy, you’ll need this, where you have to take out 500 destructible objects with a carriage. This includes simply driving wild all over the city and hitting other carriages, light posts and other items in the environment. Just cruise the sidewalks inbetween missions and you’ll get there in no time.

Master Assassin

Finally, there’s the Platinum Trophy. To get this, you’ll need to unlock every other Trophy within the game. There’s a lot to get here, so it’ll take some time.

When it comes to progression, some Trophies come naturally, as noted, so don’t worry about them so much as the specific ones. You can always check the list to see what others you need to unlock in order to get this one, so don’t fret your progress. Good luck!

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