The popular battle royale title of Apex Legends will soon be getting a significant injection of content for players to enjoy when the Grand Soiree Araced Event begins on January 14th. One of the most significant aspects of the Grand Soiree Aracde Event for Apex Legends will be the seven game modes that will be added to Apex Legends throughout the event. One of these game modes is the fan-favorite Armed and Dangerous playlist, and we have everything you need to know about this Armed and Dangerous game mode covered for you. 

Armed and Dangerous Apex Legends

Players were first treated to the Armed and Dangerous game mode during the Wraith Voidwalker event. This particular Apex Legends game mode only allows players to use sniper rifles and shotguns as weapons to win the match. The other major feature is that there is only limited armor, so do not think you will be able to grab some gold armor and be able to withstand plenty of damage. You and your enemies will be very susceptible to the high-powered nature of the shotguns and sniper rifles that will populate the loot pool of the Armed and Dangerous game mode. 

Armed and Dangerous Apex Legends

However, there is no denying the fun you can have securing impressive kills with the entertaining sniper rifles and shotguns that are available in the world of Apex Legends. 

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