Thursday, January 9th, saw a heavy dose of excitement get injected into the Apex Legends community. The reason for this excitement was the official announcement of the new Grand Soiree Arcade Event that will be coming to the popular battle royale title on January 14th and sticking around until January 28th. This Grand Soiree Arcade Event will be bringing a plethora of new content for Apex Legends players to enjoy, with the highlight being seven game modes that will be providing some crazy action for the community. Fortunately, we have all of these game modes covered for you. 

Apex Legends New Grand Soiree Arcade Event Game Modes

You can find all seven of the new modes for Apex Legends that will be available for players to experience during the Grand Soiree Arcade Event and their official descriptions below:

  • Gold Rush Duos - Gold Weapons Only, With You and a Friend
  • Third-Person Mode - A Classic Out-of-Body Experience
  • Armed and Dangerous: World's Edge - Shotguns and Sniper Rifles with Limited Armor
  • Kings Canyon After Dark - Play on Kings Canyon at Night
  • Dummies Big Day - The Game Ain't Gonna Test Itself
  • Live. Die. Live - Automatically Respawn on Living Teammates When the Ring Closes
  • Always Be Closing - Keep On the Move, Avoiding Big Damage from a Ring That Won't Slow Down

 Apex Legends New Grand Soiree Game Modes

Now, all of these new Grand Soiree game modes will not be arriving in Apex Legends at the same time. One of the new game modes will be added to Apex Legends every two days for the duration of the Grand Soiree Arcade Event. This release schedule means that players may have to wait a few days before they can jump into the mode that piques their interest the most. 

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