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Are There Guns in Dead Island 2 – Answered

Surely there are guns somewhere in LA

by Daphne Fama

Dead Island 2 is a game that’s absolutely rife with all types of weaponry. You’ve got crazy, electrified claws, polearms, axes… but where in the world are the guns? Are there even guns in Dead Island 2? We have your question answered here.

Are There Guns in Dead Island 2 – Answered

If you’ve played Dead Island Riptide, you’re likely well acquainted with guns. It’s one of the four primary weapon types in the game, and essential to keeping zombies at a distance. But in Dead Island 2, you’ll spend hours without ever seeing a gun that you can wield.

Where are all the pistols? The assault rifles? The shotguns? We might be in California, but this is still America.

If you’re starting to lose hope that a gun will fall into your hands, don’t lose faith. Eventually, you’ll get a gun. But you’ll have to wait until [SPOILERS] – you’ve progressed through several story missions. Once you’ve far enough in the story, Sam B will tell you that he knows where to find a few firearms and invites you to come along.

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This will be your first chance to lay your hands on something that shoots bullets… but it definitely won’t be the last. Eventually, shops will start to stock guns and you’ll be able to find them as drops from zombies or scattered around the world.

And these guns can range from auto shotguns to nail guns. Both have their unique uses and strengths, but naturally consume ammo, which can be expensive to keep stocked.

If you can’t wait until you get your hands on a firearm, why not check out this quest? Not only is it easy to miss, it’s hard to complete without a guide. But you’ll want to do so, as the weapon is very much worth it: How to Complete “My Mailman Was a Zombie!” in Dead Island 2.

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