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Are There Enemy Operators in the Koschei Complex COD DMZ? – Answered

Is it safe to explore?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Koschei Complex COD DMZ

The Call of Duty DMZ mode is all about the mix between AI scattered around the map and the potential for encounters with enemy Operators. With the Koschei Complex becoming the latest map addition to the COD DMZ, it’s important to know what kind of danger looms around each corner.

Compared to the other extraction zones in the mode, the Koschei Complex is most comparable to Building 21, which was also part of a mid-season update. However, the kind of danger you’ll find is much different, and after a few runs within the area on my own, I can tell whether there are any enemy Operators within the zone.

COD DMZ – Are There Enemy Operators in the Koschei Complex?

At the time of this writing, which is the launch of Season 3 Reloaded, enemy Operators are certainly possible enemies within the Koschei Complex. The area is set up like a much more dangerous Building 21 in terms of hazards and adding PvP elements makes the action even more rewarding.

The first difference is the method of entering the Koschei Complex. In building 21, or any other zone, the match begins at the same time for everyone and the lobby starts with the same number of players. That’s not the case for the complex in the COD DMZ. Instead, you will have to find an entrance in Al Mazrah, and after locating the bunker, you can enter the area.

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Entering at this point starts a brand new instance with 30 minutes on the clock. There is no way to guarantee that all players start at 30 minutes when you can enter the area at any time without eliminating PvP. Although enemy Operators are absent from the Koschei Complex in COD DMZ, there is still plenty of danger and new bosses to take down.

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