Are Hu Tao’s Constellations Worth Getting in Genshin Impact? – Answered

It’s time to burn down Teyvat! No, wait–

Hu Tao has always been an incredibly powerful unit and despite recent updates, that is not about to change. One of Genshin Impact’s darlings, she is back on the scene in this rerun. So, when you already have her weapon and a good selection of artifacts, the only way up from here is to start gathering Constellations. As one of the older units, will they hold up to the broken Constellations we see today? Only one way to find out!

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C1 – Crimson Bouquet

Starting off strong, Hu Tao’s first Constellation buffs her Paramita Papilio state, activated shortly after her Elemental Skill in which she converts her damage to deal Pyro Damage. Whenever she deals her Charged Attack, she can leave Blossoms on Enemies that will periodically do Pyro Damage. The issue with Charged Attacks is that they can consume large bits of Stamina. Hu Tao’s first Constellation, however, will make sure that she does not consume any Stamina and thus, she can use her Charged Attack as much as she likes while in this State, targeting all of her enemies.

C2 – Ominous Rainfall

Although the title sounds like something that Mo Xiang Tong Xiu would write about, this Constellation follows along with Hu Tao’s Blood Blossom. Instead of doing a set amount of Pyro Damage every four seconds, Blood Blossom will then deal ten percent more damage based on Hu Tao’s Max HP. In addition to that, whenever Hu Tao unleashes her Elemental Burst, Spirit Soother, she will apply Blood Blossom to all present enemies affected by her AOE Burst. 

C4 – Garden of Eternal Rest

This Constellation seems dependent on using other characters and not just amping up your Hu Tao throughout the entire fight. In coordination with Hu Tao’s Second Constellation, you can change characters to start dealing all types of Elemental Reactions. While using Hu Tao’s Spirit Soother to apply Blood Blossom to enemies, you can use characters to then begin defeating enemies, increasing Crit Rate by twelve percent. This allows for a variety of different combinations that you can use with Hu Tao playing both Support and DPS even when she is not on the field. 

C3 – Lingering Carmine and C5 – Floral Incense

The Third and Fifth of every Character’s Constellation are dedicated to increasing their Talent Branch Levels and Hu Tao remains no different. With Hu Tao’s third Constellation dedicated to her Elemental Skill Branch and her fifth Constellation dedicated to her Elemental Burst, it does seem consistent that Hoyoverse is prioritizing making available the prime damage-dealing Branch set the priority when introducing Constellations to obtain. 

C6 – Butterfly’s Embrace

It’s the final countdown! Hu Tao’s last constellation is a doozy, in which similar to Kuki Shinobu, whenever she takes a heavy or lethal hit that brings her down to low health, her true talent unlocks. Hu Tao will not fall due to a heavy hit or damage sustained and within the next 10 seconds of being on the field will be given major buffs. For one, all Elemental and Physical Resistance is increased by 200 percent, her Crit Rate is increased by 100 percent, and her resistance to being interrupted is greatly increased. In addition, this effect will also activate whenever Hu Tao is at One HP.

This is probably why some Hu Tao mains really REALLY want to be in low health. 

All in all, Hu Tao has some very well-rounded Constellations that help build up her kit, improve her damage, and erase just about all of the drawbacks that were present with her C0. It’s quite remarkable to see her Constellations exist next to Xiao’s since his were not so much damage boosting as much as they helped deal in support of Energy Recharge and making him heartier when in the heat of his Elemental Burst. Hu Tao’s seem far more worth it in comparison, and they were released around the same time. 

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Hu Tao has great Constellations whether you are aiming to C6 her or just gain one or two constellations as a Hu Tao main. It would be completely worth it after collecting both her weapon and suffering through the Crimson Witch of Flames Artifact Grind Hell.

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