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Genshin Impact: The Catch Weapon Ascension Materials, Recommended Characters and More

Gotta catch them all! Polearm Impact!

It helps to have a few more weapons for free in Genshin Impact, “The Catch” is an amazing weapon—don’t let its main stat of Energy Recharge fool you. Paired with the right character and set, this weapon can rival even some of the five-star weapons in your current roster.

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Ascension Materials Required for Leveling to 90

Although it requires a lot of materials to ascend your weapons all the way to max, it’s one of the few things you can optimize alongside your talents to ensure excellent damage. Artifact sets and stats help, but given that their own stats can waver, making sure that your characters are well-equipped will leave fewer worries for your build. 

Since “The Catch” is obtainable through Inazuma, it only makes sense that the items that are required for ascending it are going to be from Inazuma. First off is going to be the actual Weapon Level-Up Material, the Masks. The Weapon Materials can be found at the Court of Flowing Sand and because it rotates with two other Weapon Materials, you’ll want to visit this domain every Wednesday and Saturday. On Sundays, all materials become available and are considered a free-for-all for Weapon and Talent Domains. It’s an easy place to get to since it’s on the first island of Inazuma, Narukami. Just north of the island, you can look above the Grand Narukami Shrine to spot the Domain Icon. It’s not nearly as high as the shrine, so be sure to look along the beach to track it down and unlock it. 

The next items you’ll need are going to be the Inazuma-exclusive drops that come from enemies. One of which is going to be from the Ruin Sentinels, the Chaos Modules. These can be found all throughout Inazuma, both in the open world and in the Ley Lines if you ever spot yourself needing a few more Hero’s Wits. Or in the case you run out of Ruin Sentinels to track down. If you ever run out of ideas for spots, you can check your Adventurer’s Journal and look through the Enemy Tab. Once you find where the Ruin Sentinel is in this tab, you can hit the Navigate button in its profile and Icons will pop up on your map to show you where the largest group of Ruin Sentinels can be found. 

The other item you will need for ascending the item is the accursed drops from Specters. Not the most fun of mobs to encounter or to grind as they like to float up and away, they are one of the most valuable items when it comes to ascending weapons and talents. So naturally, this will be the talent that “The Catch” requires. Like the Ruin Sentinels, if you run out of places to find this creature, you can use your Adventurer’s Journal. But an easy grinding area for these enemies is going to be on Seirei Island where they run amok and thanks to Enkanomiya, we have multiple new types of Specters as well. They’ll drop the same loot, so you aren’t limited to just grinding in Inazuma for these drops.

  • 3x Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant, 9x Mask of the Tiger’s Bite, 9x Mask of the One-Horned, 4x Mask of the Kijin
  • 15x Chaos Gear, 18x Chaos Axis, 27x Chaos Oculus
  • 10x Spectral Husk, 15x Spectral Heart, 18x Spectral Nucleus

“The Catch” Passive and the Importance of Refinement Material

This Inazuma polearm has a pretty nice passive that can benefit a select number of characters but boost them in a way that makes them incredibly powerful. While the main stat of the weapon is Energy Recharge, the passive increases Elemental Burst Damage by 16 percent and Elemental Burst Crit Rate by 6 percent. While this may not sound like much in the beginning, this weapon does have the opportunity to be refined in order to boost these stats.

Weapons normally have two methods of refinement, one through refining the same type of weapon but this often requires the consummation of another weapon. Those that can be crafted at the table and gained through the Wish gacha fall into this option. However, it is quite an expensive venture both through crafting and through wishing. Crafting requires additional billets and these can be quite rare to obtain through World Bosses.

But weapons like “The Catch” actually come with their own type of refinement material. Often only seen in Event Shops, Ako’s Sake Vessel is actually available for trade through the Inazuma Fishing Association. Once all are collected, this can boost “The Catch”’s Passive stats to increase the Elemental Burst Damage by 32 percent and the Elemental Burst Crit Rate by 12 percent. This allows enough room in your build to focus more on Crit Damage when it comes to your artifact sets and will help boost your damage for the following characters.

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Recommended Characters to Wield “The Catch”


Originally, this weapon was meant to be Raiden’s free-to-play option when it was released. Not only does it serve her well by adding to her overall Energy Recharge, but it increases the damage that is dealt when her Burst is released. Coupled with the Emblem of the Severed Fate, the Energy Recharge will only add to her Burst damage due to the four-piece effect of the artifact set. The increased Crit Rate will also help to trigger her additional damage so she’s doing the maximum damage when she unleashes her attacks. 


Surprisingly, this weapon also does great on Thoma. Although he’s a tricky unit that many people overlook, he actually can be quite useful as a Sub-DPS. Not only does Thoma need quite a bit of Energy Recharge, making “The Catch” a great weapon to keep on him, but because his Burst is what’s going to be doing the damage, it makes him viable as an off-field damage-dealer. It’ll increase the damage and make sure you’re able to use his Skill again with the Energy Recharge main stat. Whether you couple with Tenacity, Emblem or a mix of Attack and Fire Bonus or Noblesse, if you want to utilize Thoma properly, “The Catch” serves as the perfect weapon.


The hero of underrated characters in Genshin Impact, Xiangling is a support build. Her damage off-field and ability to constantly apply Pyro on many enemies allowing for you to do a variety of different team compositions, “The Catch” will only aid her and like Thoma, enable you to recharge your Skill and Burst with no problems. You can use either Noblesse or the Crimson Witch Artifacts with Xiangling, depending on whether you want more of a Support Role or a DPS-type role.

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