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Anointed Alpha Borderlands 3 Guide – Where to Find This Boss

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying your time in Borderlands 3 and you’re wanting to make sure that you keep on top of the looting and shooting game, you’re probably in the market for more weapons. One surefire way to pick them up is by gunning through some sidequests. Here, we’ve put together an Anointed Alpha Borderlands 3 guide if you’re trying to find and defeat this particular boss as part of the Malevolent Practice side mission. 

Anointed Alpha Borderlands 3 Guide – Where to Find This Boss

As mentioned just above, you’ll be looking for the Anointed Alpha Borderlands 3 boss if you’ve embarked on the side mission Malevolent Practice. If this name sounds familiar, it’s because you have to finish this mission to get the Dead Chamber pistol (which we’ve discussed before because of its weapon effect that gives you a chance to buff the weapon when you reload it. For more about that pistol, check out this guide that we prepared

However, we’re a little more concerned with killing the Anointed Alpha for this side mission here, so we’ve got some tips and tricks on where to find it so that you can actually finish the quest and pick up your deadly reward. You’ll be looking for the Anointed Alpha within the locale of the Malovelent Practice quest, which will take place in the Anvil. It’s the last enemy that you’ll encounter before concluding the mission, and progressing through the complex according to quest clues will bring you to another collection of cells. You’ll find the Alpha here, in what’s a pretty tiny area to hold it as well as yourself.

If you’re not quite sure how to take this boss down, we can help. You’ll already have killed other Anointed enemies as part of this mission, so it’s not a huge jump in difficulty. However, here are some things to watch out for during the fight:

  • Make sure that you focus adds when they appear
  • The Anointed Alpha will shield itself when its health drops to a certain threshold and repeat
  • Defeat the Shield Clones to break the shield
  • HIt the Alpha when it’s unshielded
  • Rinse and repeat this strategy and focus the adds each time until it’s been downed

Now that you have our Anointed Alpha Borderlands 3 guide, taking down this side mission boss should be easy enough and allow you to net yourself your own Dead Chamber pistol in no time. Need a hand with anything else about Vault Hunting? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together: