So you're back on the weapon grind for Borderlands 3 now. Who can blame you? With Mad Moxxi's Heist fresh in our memories, maybe you're wanting to prop up your arsenal before taking down Handsome Jack's remaining clowns. Regardless of why you want to get your hands on the Dead Chamber Borderlands 3 weapon, we'll help you out with this handy guide.

Dead Chamber Borderlands 3 Guide - Where to Find This Weapon

Looking for the Dead Chamber? Well, this particular pistol is a bit of a special get. It's unique, and you can only get it from finishing a particular mission in the game called Malevolent Practice. You'll be taken to Eden-6 for this quest, so if you're not quite there yet in the main Borderlands 3 campaign, we wouldn't sweat it too much. 

Malevolent Practice is a side quest, so you're not guaranteed this particular drop unless you go hunting to help Sir Hammerlock. You'll be able to get it from him either in Sanctuary III or Floodmoor Basin, and it will involve killing some Anointed and freeing some captives before handing it in. You'll then be able to get Dead Chamber upon completion, which we reckon is a pretty cool scoop because of its special weapon effect called "You're not playing the odds, friend" - how this works is that it gives you a chance to have your weapon buffed when you reload it. 

Those who are keen fans of Battlefield will recognize this particular callback, especially considering that Dead Chamber has a special reload when the 50% chance to buff kicks in. If the special weapon effect sounds familiar too, that's because we're positively batty about its origin; it's from The Dark Knight. Specifically, everyone's favorite disgraced mayoral candidate says it, which makes it pretty memorable. 

Now that you know how to get your hands on the Dead Chamber Borderlands 3 unique pistol, it's just a matter of making the trek to either Sanctuary III or Floodmoor Basin and getting it from Sir Hammerlock himself. He's also the home of a bunch of other cool sidequests, so we would recommend checking out what else he's got for you to do. Need help with anything else in Borderlands 3? Check out these other tips and tricks that we've sniffed out for you: