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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – K.K Slider Song Master Guide

by Thomas Wilde

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the first sign of success in your new island venture is when K.K. Slider shows up to perform for you. The series’s beloved guitar dog doesn’t play for just anyone.

K.K. Slider came prepared with a full 95 songs for his trip to New Horizons. Here’s how to complete your K.K. Slider discography.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – K.K Slider Song Master Guide

K.K. Slider is effectively a reward for getting your island to at least a 3-star rating. As soon as you learn from Isabelle that you’re a sufficiently attractive holiday destination, Tom Nook will pop into the conversation–because he’s always watching–to say that he’s inviting K.K. to your island immediately.

The next day, K.K. shows up on your island to perform “Welcome Horizons.” You’ll get an aircheck copy of the song for your record player, as well as the Island Designer app for your NookPhone.

After this point, K.K. appears on your island every Saturday in the plaza. As per series tradition, K.K. songs sound different live than they do on the recorded versions, so if you’re digging his music it’s worth stopping by to hear him perform.

On your bithday, K.K. will visit specifically to play “K.K. Birthday” for you, and will gift you a copy of the track for your collection.

You can also get new K.K. Slider songs from the Nook Stop for 3,200 Bells each. The specific song for sale is random and changes daily.

Every time he puts on a show, you’ll receive a record of the first song he plays that evening. At 6 PM on Saturday nights, K.K. will take requests, so you can get one song per week from him for free for your home collection by asking him to play a new track.

On top of that, there are three secret songs in New Horizons that K.K. will only play if you specifically request them while he’s performing live: “Animal City,” “Drivin’,” and “Farewell.” The latter two are brand-new in this game, while “Animal City” is a remix of the “City Theme” from Animal Crossing: City Folk.

It’s important to note here that K.K. only takes specific requests if they’re spelled correctly, including accent marks and the lack of spaces between periods when you spell “K.K.” If you make a typo on your request, K.K. will play something else instead, then say afterward that he didn’t understand you.

For the sake of organizing your personal record collection, here’s a list of all 95 K.K. Slider tracks in New Horizons:



Agent K.K.


Aloha K.K.


Animal City

Only available by request.

Bubblegum K.K.


Café K.K.


Comrade K.K.





Only available by request.


Only available by request.

Forest Life


Go K.K. Rider


Hypno K.K.


I Love You


Imperial K.K.


K.K. Adventure


K.K. Aria


K.K. Ballad


K.K. Bazaar


K.K. Birthday

You get this automatically on your birthday.

K.K. Blues


K.K. Bossa


K.K. Calypso


K.K. Casbah


K.K. Chorale


K.K. Condor


K.K. Country


K.K. Crusin’


K.K. D&B


K.K. Dirge


K.K. Disco


K.K. Dixie


K.K. Étude


K.K. Faire


K.K. Flamenco


K.K. Folk


K.K. Fusion


K.K. Groove


K.K. Gumbo


K.K. House


K.K. Island


K.K. Jazz


K.K. Jongara


K.K. Lament


K.K. Love Song


K.K. Lullaby


K.K. Mambo


K.K. Marathon


K.K. March


K.K. Mariachi

Formerly known as “Señor K.K.” in previous Animal Crossing games.

K.K. Metal


K.K. Milonga


K.K. Moody


K.K. Oasis


K.K. Parade


K.K. Ragtime


K.K. Rally


K.K. Reggae


K.K. Rock


K.K. Rockabilly


K.K. Safari


K.K. Salsa


K.K. Samba


K.K. Ska


K.K. Sonata


K.K. Song


K.K. Soul


K.K. Steppe


K.K. Stroll


K.K. Swing


K.K. Synth


K.K. Tango


K.K. Technopop


K.K. Waltz


K.K. Western


King K.K.


Lucky K.K.


Marine Song 2001


Mountain Song


Mr. K.K.


My Place



Spelled like “of or pertaining to Naples, Italy,” rather than the ice cream flavor.

Only Me




Rockin’ K.K.


Soulful K.K.


Space K.K.


Spring Blossoms


Stale Cupcakes


Steep Hill


Surfin’ K.K.


The K. Funk


To the Edge


Two Days Ago




Welcome Horizons

The game’s theme song. Received automatically when K.K. shows up on your island for the first time.

Naturally, completing your record collection is a long-term goal, like everything else in Animal Crossing. You can “time travel” by manipulating your Switch’s clock to speed up the process, but otherwise, this is one more thing you should relax and take as it comes. Learn to love the island life, you know?

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