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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Make Bells Fast

by Ginny Woo

If fashion isn’t the name of the game for you when it comes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that’s fine. Honestly, maybe you just want to make Bells fast. Playing the stalk market via Daisy Mae is one option, but that really only works once you already have capital. Now, if you’re mostly new to all of this, then you’re going to want methods on how to make bells fast in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that don’t require much investment. In that case, check out our handy guide for those who are just touching down on their island. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Make Bells Fast

If you’re someone who needs to make bells fast in Animal Crossing New Horizon, we reckon you’ve actually got a couple of options. Some of these are actually pretty intuitive when it comes to making money if you’ve already played your way through older Animal Crossing games, but if you’re new, then this might not be as easy to figure out. Either way, we’re going to give you a hand by listing off some of our top methods especially if you’re enjoying your first day stranded on your island and want to figure a way out of destitution:

  • Sell bugs and fish – when you arrive on the island for the first time, one of the earliest things you’ll pick up is DIY recipes for a net and for a fishing pole. Once you have both of those, you’re going to be able to catch bugs and fish on the island. Yes, you can save them up to donate to Blathers, but initially, if your biggest concern is capital then you’re just going to want to sell them since some fish can even retail for as tens of thousands.
  • Selling fruit from other towns – one trick that Animal Crossing veterans will be aware of is that you can sell fruit from other towns in your own town at a premium. Essentially, if you sell any fruit that isn’t native to your island, you’re going to do so at a premium. This means that if you have friends who have gunned ahead in the game and their towns hold fruit that’s different from yours, you can let them visit you and drop some off for you to sell to make a quick buck. The smart move would be to actually plant a bunch of these non-native fruits on your own plot so that you can always benefit from this: just because you can plant them on your island doesn’t change that their non-native status, so you can farm them for money.
  • You can also plant money – yes, have you noticed a glowing spot in the ground on your island? Digging it up with a shovel will give you money, but instead of brushing dirt over the hole, plant even more money in there and it will grow a tree that gives you three times whatever amount you planted. Isn’t that wild? This method works best if you already have some Bells to splash out with, so give it a shot!

So now that you have our Animal Crossing New Horizons guide on how to make bells fast, it should be easier than ever for you to actually dethrone Tom Nook as the ultimate capitalist if that’s something that you want to do. Alternatively, you can also use all that money on infrastructure and providing for the residents of your town because hey, that’s pretty cool too. Need a hand with anything else in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Why not check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve compiled for Mayors like you in our dedicated guides hub for the game?

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