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How to Move Buildings In Animal Crossing New Horizons

by Ginny Woo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of great new quality of life changes to the franchise’s formula, including things like being able to directly affect the geographical landscape of your town, changes to interior decorating, and more. However, it all kinda culminates in one spectacular way – it helps you really achieve your dream town. Part of that, we reckon, is having the location of all your infrastructure just right. Enter, our guide on how to move buildings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Move Buildings In Animal Crossing New Horizons 

So, you’re wanting to know how to move buildings in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The game gives you rather unprecedented freedom to decide what your town looks like, right down to where your villagers move in, so it’s actually decently cool that you can directly decide where each new amenity sits so that your perfect flower patch isn’t completely messed up by construction. Out of all the quality of life changes made to the Animal Crossing franchise, we reckon this one is truly right up there. 

Alright, moving buildings. If you’re wondering about which buildings you can move in Animal Crossing New Horizons once you’ve set them down, we’ve got the answer here. You can actually move every building aside from Resident Services. Now, however, it’s just a matter of price. Yes, nothing is free when it comes to Tom Nook, and he’s the only tanuki on the island who can help you with your infrastructure dilemmas. If you want to move a building, you have to first consult with Tom Nook. He’ll have a fee for you to pay – 50,000 Bells – and once you’ve shown that you can pay that, you’ll be able to pick the new location as long as it’s somewhere with no running water or steep drops. Moving a building takes one day.

If you’re wanting to move your home in Animal Crossing New Horizons (yes, that’s technically a building too but it costs a bit less), you’re going to need to have 30,000 Bells on hand. Tom will then ask you to do the same thing that you did to select the locations for any other structure that you’ve moved, and you’ll be away! The next day will see your home set up in its cosy new nook (pardon the pun, we’re not sorry).

Now that you’ve got our guide on how to move buildings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s really all about just having the right amount of bells to make your dreams come true. It’s a little disruptive, sure, but what about this latest game isn’t when you’ve got the option to terraform your entire deserted island? Need a hand with anything else in Animal Crossing: New Horizons so that you can be the best Mayor that your island could want? Check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for players like you in our dedicated guides hub for the game:

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