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Amnesia Bunker Halloween Update Patch Notes
Image via IGDB / Frictional Games

Amnesia: The Bunker Halloween Update Patch Notes

Big free update coming our way!

Frictional Games brings us a seasonal surprise with a Halloween update for Amnesia: the Bunker. Here’s what’s new in this Amnesia: the Bunker Halloween update patch notes.

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Full Patch Notes for Amnesia: The Bunker Halloween Update

The Halloween Update for Amnesia: The Bunker is here!

This very special update brings a bunch of NEW FEATURES to Amnesia: The Bunker, really switching up the gameplay, adding new horrors and heaps of replay value.

The new update comes with TWO completely new game modes:

  • Shell Shock Mode: For the most Hardcore experience – a true test of guts.
  • Custom Mode: Customize your experience with 30+ settings and parameters.

Some of the new FEATURES available in the new modes are:

  • New stalker behaviors that increases unpredictability
  • A sublevel fuse system
  • Hardcore version of the health system
  • Randomized corpses and dog tags
  • Randomized locker locations
  • Revolver located in one of the lockers and not available from start
  • New Training Grounds level for you to practice your skills
  • Saving your progress costs fuel
  • …and much more!

Note: Most of these are New Game+ features and are only accessible by completing the game on any difficulty once.

(Or you can unlock this with the press of a button)

Happy Halloween!

Patch log may contain spoilers; beware! 



  • Added two new game modes, Shell Shock Mode and Custom Mode. They include the following new features:
    • New Stalker behaviors that increases unpredictability
    • A sublevel fuse system
    • Hardcore version of the health system
    • Randomized corpses and dog tags
    • Randomized locker locations
    • Revolver located in one of the lockers and not available from start
    • Reduced safe room
    • Fuel Storage door locked with a code lock
    • Game not paused while in inventory
    • New achievements for completing the game on the new game modes
    • New save systems (saving costs fuel, no saving)
    • Over 30+ settings to tailor your gameplay experience to your liking
  • Added the Training Grounds, a new map accessible from the main menu after completing the game once.
  • Added support for 120 FPS on PC.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Improved resource and prop randomization.
  • Enhanced the challenge of the Shotgunner encounter.
  • Randomized the Shotgunner’s starting position on consecutive playthroughs.
  • Wooden containers like crates and barrels can now spawn random resources when broken.
  • Added a dog tag by the corpse in the cell in the Prison.
  • The rats in the Hub are now active from the start on consecutive playthroughs.
  • Traps in the Hub are now randomized on consecutive playthroughs.
  • Removed the scripted rat trap event in Maintenance on consecutive playthroughs.
  • Disabled player fall damage.
  • Increased crawling speed when injured.
  • Increased gas damage on Hard Mode.

Misc Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where save slots could disappear.
  • Added a Particle Quality setting that affects flare, gas, fire, and grenade entities/particles.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck behind the generator.
  • Fixed an issue where the torch was missing a flame on certain platforms.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get locked inside the charge lantern state when moving between maps.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s hands could become misaligned after a cutscene animation played.
  • The item highlight effect now works properly on meat items.
  • Fixed an issue with player blood trails not spawning properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the gun cylinder rotation would be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where a hint on how to use fuel would appear when it shouldn’t.
  • Resolved an issue where an item held in your right hand would move across the screen after charging the lantern.
  • When disarming traps, the camera no longer rotates to random spots.
  • Fixed missing letters in some names in the end credits.
  • Fixed a culling issue inside the Warden’s Office in Prison.
  • Reduced the Stalker’s collider size when inside the hurt state, to prevent it from blocking the player’s path.
  • The moon should no longer be missing in No Man’s Land on some platforms.
  • Fixed some instances of floating pickup items.
  • Fixed a culling issue in the corridor outside the Break Room in Soldier Quarters.
  • Fixed a hole in the geometry in Maintenance.
  • Jumping up on the table in Administration no longer causes the room’s props to disappear.
  • Resolved an issue where the left hand had a strange pose when certain items were equipped.
  • The lighter animations have been properly synchronized when using a fuel bomb or a torch.
  • The painting tripod in Delisle’s room now has proper collision.
  • The big crates in Tunnels now use the correct texture.
  • Fixed the strange-looking billboard by the sign leading into the Officer Quarters.
  • Fixed a few instances where the Stalker could get stuck.
  • Activating a root power switch now retains its state when leaving and returning to a map.
  • Added a message when trying to use a medkit and bandage when your health is full.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the wood shot impact particles.
  • The large wooden crate with rope handles can now be broken properly.
  • Grenade explosions can now affect more entities.
  • Fixed an issue where the crate blocking access to the Tunnels could get stuck.
  • Removed an invisible obstacle when entering the Arena.
  • Improved the Stalker’s animation when grabbing the player on the ladder.
  • Improved the lockbox texture. They should now be easier to spot.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stalker could start stalking the player from inside the holes before it should be able to do so.
  • Equipping a fuel canister from the inventory no longer causes it to appear in the middle of the screen for a frame.
  • Fixed an issue where shotgun ammo in the inventory didn’t register when trying to load the shotgun.
  • Fixed a couple of issues where text would be rendered outside of the screen on certain aspect ratios.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when breaking smaller crates.
  • Large crates and wooden doors can no longer be broken with the revolver.
  • Added a “Randomize”-button to the custom settings screen.
  • Ensured rats only gather around activated corpses.
  • Fixed an issue where the lantern would be unequipped when charging.
  • Fixed an issue where rats could fall through the floor in certain locations.
  • Sorted out some inventory and menu issues on certain aspect ratios.
  • Fixed an issue where a duplicate medkit or bandage would appear when using a health item.
  • Improved navigating the custom settings screen with a controller.
  • Fixed some smaller bugs related to the Stalker’s behavior when moving between maps.
  • Fixed an issue where a dog tag would disappear from one of the corpses in the cells in the Prison.
  • Made sure the torch has proper visual effects.
  • Fixed clipping issue when applying health items while crawling.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio would stutter.
  • Made sure the “Time Between Saves” stat works as it should.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stalker could pull the player into a hole when it shouldn’t be able to.

Note: This patch addresses the listed issues and aims to improve the overall gameplay experience in Amnesia: The Bunker. If you encounter any further problems or have additional feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team here:

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