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All Wheels Champions in Sea of Stars – Exact Locations Guide

Go kick some Wheels butt.

Wheels is an optional (and incredibly hooking) minigame in Sea of Stars. And if you’re looking to unlock the game’s final secret, you need to find and beat every Wheels Champion. Here’s where to find all the Wheels Champions in Sea of Stars, including their exact location and the rewards for winning.

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Where to Find All Wheels Champions in Sea of Stars

There are 10 Wheels Champions scattered throughout Sea of Stars. While you can start playing Wheels as soon as you reach the Port Town of Brisk on Sleeper Island, you won’t be able to access all of the Champions until you’ve reached the endgame.


You can challenge the Wheels Champions in any order, with the exception of The Watchmaker.

Port Town of Brisk Wheels Champion

The first Wheels Champion you’ll meet is in The Humble Boast Tavern in the Port Town of Brisk. To find them, head to the southeast section of town, where you’ll see a boat with a beer sign outside of it.

Go inside, where the Wheels Champion is waiting for you in the southern corner.

Town of Lucent Wheels Champion

The Town of Lucent Wheels Champion is found in the Inn in the northern section of The Town of Lucent on Wraith Island, just in front of the broken fountain.

Once inside the building, look to the left of the door, where you’ll spot the ghostly-looking Wheels Champion.

Stonemasons Outpost Wheels Champion

After beating the Dweller of Woe at the Haunted Mansion on Wraith Island, a Wheels Champion becomes available to you in the Stonemasons Outpost on Sleeper Island.

To find the Wheels Champion, go up the stairs in the north until you reach an open door and a closed door next to each other. Go inside the open one, and you’ll see the Stonemasons Outpost Wheels Champion on the left side of the room.

Docarri Village Wheels Champion

Once you reach Docarri Village on Watcher Island, you’re able to challenge the Docarri Village Wheels Champion.

Head inside the Inn in the southwest portion of the village. The Wheels Champion is on the left side of the room above some tables.

Mirth Wheels Champion

After reaching Mirth on Settlers Island, building the Inn, and finding the Mirth Innkeeper in Sea of Stars, you gain access to the town’s Wheel’s Champion.

The Inn is in the middle of town, slightly north of the allotment containing harvestable cooking ingredients. You’ll see the Wheels Champion in the southeast corner, under the fireplace.


To build the Inn, you need the Inn Plans, which are given to you by Mirna in Docarri Village after trading in four Rainbow Conches.

With the Inn Plans in hand, return to Mirth and give them to Jirard the Constructionist.

Mooncradle Village Wheels Champion

When you’re finally able to go back to Evermist Island after being literally yeeted off at the beginning of the game, you can take on the Mooncradle Village Wheels Champion.

The Wheels Champion is in the Tavern in Mooncradle Village, which is the building in the middle of town, left of the Inn. Walk inside, where you’ll see them to the right of the door.

Cloud Kingdom Wheels Champion

This Wheels Champion is in the Cloud Kingdom Inn in the Skylands. To find the Inn, take the teleporter in the northwest portion of the Cloud Kingdom, to the right of a pair of giant’s legs.

The teleporter takes you straight to the Cloud Kingdom Inn, where you’ll find the Wheels Table just below the save point on the right-hand side. The Wheels Champion is the giant standing to the left.


There’s a chest containing Question Pack #4 to the left of the save point in the Sky Kingdom Inn.

Also, if you stay overnight at the Inn, the room you rest in has a chest with a Rainbow Conch in it.

The Vespertine Wheels Champion

Once you’ve unlocked sailing, you can enter The Vespertine and take on the Wheels Champion, who just so happens to be Yolande from Captain Klee’shaë’s pirate crew.

When you’ve boarded the ship, take the stairs down to enter the hull. Go into the room to the east where the pirates are playing to find the Wheels Table and the Wheels Champion.

Screenshot of The Vespertine Wheels Champion in Sea of Stars.
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Repine Wheels Champion

The Repine Wheels Champion is in the Inn in Repine on Cerulean Island in Seraï’s World. When you first go there, though, there’s no Wheels Table. You need to unlock it first.


To unlock the Wheels Table and Wheels Champion at the Repine Inn, speak to the Villager in the Repine Inn, who tells you that Wheels sounds fun—it’s time to get him hooked on it.

Return to the Home World and go to the Clockwork Tower on Mesa Island. Make your way up to The Watchmaker, speak to her, and buy the Deployable Wheels Table for 250 Gold.

Bring the Deployable Wheels Table back to the Villager in Repine Inn to unlock the Repine Wheels Champion.

Once you have the Wheels Table set up in Repine Inn, you’ll be able to challenge the Repine Wheels Champion.

The Watchmaker

With all nine other Wheels Champions defeated, the final hurdle to becoming the best Wheels player there ever was is to challenge The Watchmaker. You can find her at the top of the Clockwork Tower on Mesa Island.

Note that you can only face The Watchmaker once the other Wheels Champions have been beaten and you’ve been given their Wheels.

All Wheels Champion Wheel and Figurine Rewards in Sea of Stars

Aside from The Watchmaker, who is the last Wheels Champion you must defeat, you can take on the other nine in any order you choose in Sea of Stars. The order of prizes is always the same, regardless of who you tackle and when, which is as follows:

  1. Bronze Wheel.
  2. Archer Figurine.
  3. Silver Wheel.
  4. Engineer Figurine.
  5. Gold Wheel.
  6. Priest Figurine.
  7. Diamond Wheel.
  8. Assassin Figurine.
  9. Platinum Wheel.

Once you’ve won nine Wheels Champions battles, you’ll be able to face The Watchmaker. You get the following for defeating her Champion round:

  • Flimsy Hammer.
  • Clockwork Champion trophy/achievement.

The Flimsy Hammer may seem useless at first, but once you’ve found all four Flimsy Hammers, you can unlock Sea of Stars’ final secret. I won’t spoil it, but it’s a good one and well worth the grind.

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