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All Weapons in Redfall – Listed

Do you prefer your vampires toasted, staked, or bullet-riddled?

by Daphne Fama

Redfall is full of things that want to kill you. Fortunately, you have an entire arsenal of weapons that you can use to kill them first. Here’s a list of all the weapons in Redfall.

All Weapons in Redfall – Listed

When you first start your hero’s journey in Redfall, you might be feeling a little vulnerable. There are vampires everywhere, and you’re essentially a walking entrée. But don’t worry, over the next few hours you’ll have no shortage of weapons to choose from, including three that you can have in your quick rotation as you go toe-to-fang with the vampire menace.

 Here’s every weapon type in Redfall:

  • Assault rifles: A three burst gun and essentially the jack of all trades. Capable of dealing decent damage both up close and at mid-range, with very large magazines.
  • Flare guns: A unique gun that uses flares instead of bullets. These flares can set both vampires and cultists on fire but won’t necessarily kill them immediately. They have extremely limited magazines and are outpaced by stake launchers.
  • Pistols: One of the first guns you get in the game. These are single-shot firearms that have a variety of magazines and damage capabilities.
  • Shotguns: Your up and close weapon, which has a stake attachment. Magazines can vary, depending on the perks of the gun, but it offers large damage up close in a cone radius.
  • Sniper rifles: Your standard sniper rifle, capable of dealing big damage at a distance. However, the magazine is usually limited and the reload speed is slow.
  • Stake launchers: A powerful gun that shoots a stake directly at a vampire for massive. The downside is that it requires decent accuracy and has very limited ammo.
  • UV guns: A unique gun that uses UV lights to create either a concentrated beam of UV or a wider cone. This gun both damages and petrifies vampires, though a concentrated beam of light will do both faster.
  • Your fists: You’re capable of melee’ing anyone who gets too close. It doesn’t do that much damage, but it’s a nice way to finish up a Cultist you don’t want to waste ammo on.

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As you travel through the neighborhoods and scrounge through supply caches, you’re bound to find weapons of all types. These weapons fall within certain rarities, which reflect their damage and perks. The rarity spectrum is: common, improved, superior, high-end, and unrivaled.

If you’re starting to explore Redfall, you’ll need to find a safehouse ASAP. But before you get inside, you’re going to need to jump through some hoops. Check out our guide here:  How to Unlock Safehouses in Redfall.

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