All Vondel Barter Recipes in COD DMZ Listed

Another map means more recipes.

Vondel Barter Recipes DMZ
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Vondel is the latest map added to the DMZ and Warzone 2 that allows Operators to explore new points of interest and craft a fresh set of items in the Barter System. In the DMZ, each map has its own list of Barter Recipes and materials required, which I will outline in my full crafting guide. Here are all Vondel Barter recipes in COD DMZ.

COD DMZ – All Vondel Barter Recipes

There are 14 different Barter Recipes that you can craft at any Buy Station on the Vondel Map. Most DMZ maps share similar items that can be crafted, but the items required always shift to match the materials found in the zone. All the recipes can be found listed below.

DMZ Vondel Barter Recipe List:

  • 3-Plate Comms Vest – 1 Encrypted Hard Drive, 2 Batteries, 1 Soothing Hand Cream
  • Scavenger Backpack – 1 Battery, 1 Canned Foods, 2 Gun Cleaning Oil
  • Secure Backpack – 2 Electric Drills, 2 Gas Cans, 1 Gold Skull
  • 3-Plate Medic Vest – 3 Bandages, 1 Liquor, 1 Watch
  • Armor Box – 1 Electrical Tape, 1 Screwdriver, 1 C4
  • Munitions Box – 1 Imported Tea
  • Revive Pistol – 1 Bandage, 1 Soothing Hand Cream
  • Durable Gas Mask – 2 Toothpaste, 1 Lighter
  • Skeleton Key – 3 3-Plate Armor Vests, 3 Self-Revive Kits, 1 Gold Bar
  • Assault Rifle – 1 First Edition Comic Book, 1 Watch, 1 Game Console
  • Rebreather – 1 Durable Gas Mask, 1 Gas Mask
  • Encryption Key – 1 Stronghold Keycards, 1 Throwing Knife, 1 Inflatable Decoy, 1 Smoke Grenade
  • Self-Revive Kit – 2 Bandages, 1 Purified Water
  • Fire Dept. Key – 3 Stronghold Keycards, 1 Blow Torch,1 Gun Cleaning Oil

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While most of the recipes in Vondel are the same at each Buy Station, some of the items available can change. For example, the available key for crafting could change depending on the deployment, which allows you to search different Denied Access areas. Use this list as your main guide for the materials needed in the DMZ and then check on with the closest Buy Stations.

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